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Every. Single. Holiday.

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Every single holiday or special occasion that skid is here is drama. Every. Single. One. 

Why cant BM demand to have her for mothers day?



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Why don't you just tell DH you think skid should be with her mama on Mother's Day?

If he insists not then you disappear for the day and let DH  entertain his child  while you kick back elsewhere.

Like shopping, meeting a friend at the gym.You know.Be Gone.


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He does know. But it's our weekend and its not like we can force her to take her. But yeah, going somewhere sounds like a good idea. 

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This is not a dig at you, but I've been reflecting on all these posts about BM not wanting the skids on Mother's Day - in intact families, mothers most want a day off from child care as a present, but when the BM requests that, it seems wrong somehow. (And I do think it seems wrong).

It's an interesting difference in how people view Mother's Day pre and post-divorce.

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I can see that. But then she also has every other week off from her so...its not really a treat for her. 

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Right - I guess that's why it seems wrong.  And in intact families, the kids get to honor their mom and THEN she gets the day off.

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Interesting. In my experience, court-ordered visitation schedules generally flex around holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As in, child is to spend that day, or at least a portion of that day with said parent, even if it falls on the other’s weekend. 

With that said, though, BM here always did her best to keep skid from DH on Father’s Day - even after the court order was set in motion. BM would conveniently create plans she and/or skid couldn’t bow out of just to proverbially stick it to DH. 

But, come Mother’s Day? Oooooooh boy. 

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That's what I would expect normally from a BM. But this BM is different in general and really doesnt care except for that she has her just enough to not end up liable for child support.