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And today MIL texts DH

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All it said was "I love you and miss you. Hope all is well."

Still no apologies, admissions of wrongdoing. Just guilt tripping and "look at me being the bigger person."

Also notably absent is any mention of the kids - which is a far cry from when SD lived here and then any message would be asking about her.

Pretty sure it's just because there's a holiday coming up, and God forbid DH enjoy the holiday without them. If it's not about them or others are happy it must be ruined. Same as with YDS first birthday that needed to be downplayed and made to be about SD instead.


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You're better off. My MIL is similar to yours and I prefer the no contact because any/all contact with her only equals drama. 

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We don't even like you and definitely don't miss you. And we could care less how you're doing.

Hope the holiday season brings exactly what you deserve.

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No, just giving short, neutral responses. Just "thanks" to MIL and "thanks for the invite but we have plans already" to FIL yesterday.