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So much attitude

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I can’t wven begin to describe the massive amount of attitude SD has managed to throw at me since she’s been home from school. The second she doesn’t get her way, is asked to do something, or get caught doing something she’s not supposed to her attitude shoots through the roof. I’ve gotten to the point that I just send her away from me because I can feel myself wanting to say something not appropriate back to her. Today though really took the cake, and mostly because of the way SO handled the situation. We’re all out in the front and have all three kids playing on the splash pad and kiddie pool along with each of them getting something from the ice cream truck. All is going good we’re all enjoying the water in the heat. Fast forward to SD eating the gum from her ice cream. You know the little crappy gum balls that have zero flavor after 5 seconds. She’s talking away as usual and it falls out of her mouth and into the pool. Gross. I tell her it’s time to throw it out because it fell out of her mouth and it’s nasty to put it back in. She proceeded to argue and throw a fit refusing to throw it away. Well me being the mom I’m not gonna just give in. I tell her very seriously to throw out her gum. She then in a huff throws her chewed up gum straight at me. Immediately I’m pissed. I send her out of the pool and make her go sit on the stairs while I try to cool down and not explode on her. Well of course dear dad saw none of this go down but sees his little snowflake screaming and crying on the steps because she got kicked out of the pool. He consoles her and once she’s finished sobbing to him he asks me what happened. I tell him and she pipes in I didn’t throw it at her on purpose. I could care less wether she did it on purpose. She decided that since she didn’t get her way she could throw a fit and and chunk chewed up gum out with out paying attention to where it was going. Well like always he sided with her. Let’s her go back to the pool. She sat out a measly minute before getting her way like always.


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It was on purpose. 

I would have been PISSED OFF. At both sd and maybe especially husband. 


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Oh believe me DH got an earful about him undermining me. He still somehow always believes SD even after straight lying to his face weekly about almost everything.


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Yup that's my DH!!! Always has a excuse for SD or has to hear her side but that's just flat out wrong what she did! Wow just wow 

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You need to have words with your husband. Parents should work as a team in front of the kids. You can discuss a situation afterwards if  needed but in the moment you work together. He should have sent her over to appologize, not back to the pool. SD threw the gum at you because she knows that if her dad didn't see it, it didn't happen and she can get away with it. If this is a repeating pattern I think I might stop supervising duties if I cannot be trusted to tell the truth. 

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We have talked about this thousands of times but when it’s actually time to do it he doesn’t listen to logic.


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Then it's time for you to change what you are doing if he won't change what he does. 

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Dear old dad would be responsible for watching  her after that.  

If he finds his gum chucking, freaking out little precious so in the right, I'd be done with any responsibility. 

In 9 years Ive known the skids in my life never once did my fiancé pull any crap like this.  Daddykins doesn't believe you over his daughter?  Let him be 100% responsible for her.  Disengage.

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DHs response would have infuriated me more than SDs behavior.  I would find a way to make her his problem from now on if if wont support you.

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Didn't throw it on purpose? And he bought into that?? Gads. I'd like to stuff that gum up his left nostril.

"SO, SD can only be in the pool when you are there to watch her."

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Confirm if his adult son did what he asked. If i said no and he’s been in his room sleeping and playing computer games, hubby trusted me because he doesn’t trust his kids with exwife because he knows their behavior and attitude. Thats the spouse you need

anything out of line happens whilst hubby is away, i tell hubby and make him address it immediately and hubby is losing it with his son to the point hubby has said skids resent me because of all the issues i have regarding their behaviour and disrespect but thats not my fault they’re such arseholes and i’m not afraid to tell my husband that. If he wants me to dote on them and praise them, then make them not be such arseholes but pleasant people to be proud of, until that happens, tough!!

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You are not left alone with the little lier. DH goes to work - SD goes with him. DH goes to watch TV - SD goes with him. Hell DH leaves the pool to go the bathroom, she goes with him and stands outside the door. 

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Right, if her husband cannot trust his wife to tell the truth then why does he trust op to look watch his kid?