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what's the point?

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my husband just really pissed me off. he tells ss6 to go take a shower. when he's done he comes downstairs and asks for a piece of gum. my husband says no you cant have gum right now. we had dinner and he was stubborn and didnt want to eat. so no he cant have gum. im thinking yeah you didnt eat dinner, I made you what you asked for and you didnt want to eat it, so you dont deserve gum! or ice cream! or candy! then 2 minutes later he says okay go upstairs and get the gum. what?!!?!!! so i ask whats the point of saying no if youre still gonna let him have it? why do you even bother doing the whole lecture about not eating dinner therefore you cant have it, if you are going to give in? he has the nerve to say oh its just gum, and please dont start....mother of the year. are you fucking kidding me?! i swear if i hadnt spent my own money on this laptop i would have thrown it across the room. i respond by saying, oh dont tell me you think your father of the year? when your son visits once a year, disrespects me, plays video games all day, acts a fool in public, and talks like a baby. what a jerk. and you know what? i should be mother of the my 1 year old son behaves better than this brat. brushes his teeth more often, and finishes his dinner!!! and what is ss doing right now? yeah you guessed it. playing a video game smacking his gum. jerks.

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Unfortunately, this used to be quite the norm in my household...but no longer.. why does he only get his child once a year?

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we live in texas and they moved to another state when ss was about 3 or 4. my husband would usually visit for christmas but not since we've been together. and since ss is in school now he visits us the ENTIRE summer. i hate it. i really tried to have an open mind this time, but its not working out. ive been miserable the entire time hes been here. the sad thing is that my husband is in denial about. you can clearly see that im not happy. our marriage is great, except when it comes to him. i am going crazy!

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I feel your pain...but my ss lives with me ALL the time - not one break, and he is exactly the same as what you are describing. No way would I have another child-being with this SS7 is like having a 2 year old...No joke. Good luck, but on the upside you don't have to see him much. I know that seems harsh but when you get treated like shit on a daily basis I can totally understand!