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SD sick

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she’s sick and extra whiny and of course I expect it because all kids get like this when they’re sick. She expects me to come to her beck and call like her dad does and I’m just not ok with it. I can’t stand being around her when she’s like this. Expects everyone to drop everything to do something for, won’t ask for anything, wants everything handed to her on a silver platter, talks to you however she wants. I’m not allowed to get on to her for it either because she’s sick and not feeling good so my boyfriend becomes even more of a doormat for her. It’s like having a little sick tyrant running my house and I’m already sick of it. I don’t even want to be in the same room as her because I’m getting so annoyed with her. I know it’s because she’s not mine and I don’t have the same feelings towards her that I would if my 1 year old was sick. Really just venting because I can’t express being frustrated to anyone. And of course I’m taking care of her and doing everything I can to make her comfortable I’m just annoyed. 


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Whiney jerks get to stay in bed IN THEIR ROOM. Any chance you can ship her off to a relative?

Try straight up ignoring her. When my kids were whiney, I told them I'm deaf to whining and making demands, then I would ignore them until they straightened up.

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I’ve tried ignoring her but it quickly escalates to her literally screaming at your face even if she’s pestering you about something she already knows the answer to. I just don’t have the patience for it today because I had to deal with all day yesterday. 

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If she screamed in the face of a daycare worker, she would get consequences. You are the "daycare worker".  Give her consequences.  If he doesn't like it, he can pay someone to give his kid consequences instead.

OP, you have to stand up for yourself here. 

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She does get punished but I fear I might freak out and be a little to harsh with her about it today because I’m already past my breaking point with her nonsense.

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It is posts like this, and memories of pulling my hair out when my skids were young and sick, that made me understand why my mother gave us "southern cough syrup" when we were kids.  Bourbon mixed with honey and lemon juice.  Stopped our cough and knocked us out for hours.   Pretty sure that would not be considered "good parenting" these days!   Smile

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Mine too!  And vodka on the gums for teething.  Alcohol was the main ingredient in the majority of my mother's Southern home remedies.  Of course, we were living up North by the time I was walking (stumbling?  LOL)  so I am relatively sure that I was the only kid on the block getting hot toddies when I caught a cold!  It is amazing that I don't have a substance abuse issue now that I think of it but I almost never drink now.  I hit 40 and I feel like a truck hit me the next day if I have more than 2 glasses of wine.  Sad

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The screaming in the face thing. When a child acts out for 2 minutes and it works (the adult pays attention to them or does what they want), the child learns that it will take 2 minutes to manipulate you.

When a child escalates things and starts screaming in your face for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. and they get the adult to pay attention to them or give them what they want, they learn that's how long they need to push.

The key is you must NEVER cave and give them what they want as a result of wearing you down.

I would warn her that if her behavior continues, you will start taking her toys away or she will lose TV time, etc. Then, SILENTLY start picking up her toys and taking them away or turn off the TV. If she starts hitting you or throwing things, make sure she knows there will be consequences for that as well, then silently give consequences. Grey rock - be unphased by her behavior. Record her behavior for her father to see.

This is what I'd do with MY kids. I would refuse to watch skids if they acted this way.

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I am dealing with the same crap. Extra clingy, extra extra, annoying sick 4 year old. Clinging to mom. I was up ALL night. She wants to be tucked in. She wants water. She had to use the bathroom. She want to sleep on the couch. She wants mom on the couch with her. She wants me on the couch with her. She wants the tv on. She screams and whines. I’m over it. I may be annoyed and jealous because GF is attentive and affectionate towards her. Giving cuddles, love, and attention. Something I feel like I’m having to beg for lately. I’m trying to be patient but I’m over it. I feel crazy to even feel this way. She’s 4 right? But also I feel my feelings are valid. 

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Nothing Benedryl and Nyquil can't cure.....

Directions: Give as directed (15 mL every 3 hours). Whiny, pain in the @ss kids every 2 hours if it hasn't kicked in yet.