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My SO is an idiot

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This one is not about my SD but about my moron SO. Tylenol is good for when a child has a fever or a mild headache. It is not to be used as a nighttime ritual to go to sleep because anything to get out of bed one more time right? How do you as a 30 year old adult not think about the long term effects of giving a 5 year old Tylenol EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? He literally gives it to her like it’s candy because her arm hurts, her throat is itchy, her cheek hurts. Dude. I’ve told him so many time he needs to ease up on just giving her medicine for every little thing but no I’m just an idiot. Only SO opinion on things is right and you’re stupid if you think otherwise. I’m so annoyed that he won’t listen to me. 


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Research Tylenol and liver damage and give your SO the results. If he cares about the health of his daughter he will stop this dangerous practice. You are right, he is a moron.

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I can relate....but instead of tylenol it was antibiotics. They aren't even my kids and I was getting angry about the amount of antibiotics skids were taking. I finally got it through to DH that what he and BM were doing was totally unhealthy and insane......

These skids would cough and go to doctor and come home with antibiotics probably twice a month.....but never even finish the bottle......In the first year that I was with DH his youngest kid took more prescription medication than ALL of my 3 teenagers combined have ever taken in their lives..........

I think BM has a touch of munchassens (however you spell that) b/c skids are at doctors NON STOP. They even go to out of town specialists over and over....but oddly nothing is wrong with them...and by the time they have visited the specialist 4 times out of town....their "sickness" has just dissappeared..........

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Omg! My formerSO's kid was like this too! ALWAYS taking antibiotics (even for clearly faked illness to get out of going to school/take a test/make everyone forget he did something bad). And never finished them or took them at the correct time. 

Instead of bm takimg kid to the Dr, it was formerSO's mother. She would bring him to the dr and rant and rave until she got him meds...ever increasing in strength. She was a freaking nutcase about the kid...literally wanted to take him and raise him so he could be "loved like he should be"... so freaking weird. 

I sent and article about C DIFF and the risk he could get it from over use of antibiotocs.... But omg kid neeeeeds to go to the Dr. That kid was literally at a dr office at least once a month, EVERY month. 

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Even if the amount that he gives her doesn't damage her liver, what is he doing to her psychologically? He's not just turning her into a hypochondriac or a co-dependent, but she's using the Tylenol as a crutch, what does he think that crutch will be when she gets older?

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There are times, particularly when it comes to health/medical related matters, when I think my DH was raised by wolves.  He has no knowledge of these things, doesn't research, doesn't exercise common sense, and initially did not listen to me when I'd let him know I thought he was doing something harmful or ill-advised.  I grew up surrounded by doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. in my family, so I had picked up some medical knowledge and at least knew to ask questions, read directions and look things up if I didn't know.  What little DH does "know" about health/doctors/medicine he learned from BM, who has very goofy ideas.  If she didn't need vaccination records to enroll her kids in school, BM would never have had them vaccinated or taken them to a doctor, which is strange because she's a good mother where most things are concerned. It took several times of me being correct and other people telling him so before DH decided I might know something and started paying attention.  

As irritating as it was, it really did take a few instances of other people telling my DH that I was right and he was wrong before he realized that maybe he should listen to me (he's several years older than I am so often assumes he knows best because he has kids and years on me).  Maybe that's what your SO needs.  Do you have any doctor/nurse friends who could tell your SO that what he's doing is very ill-advised?  Does the skid have a doctor's appointment coming up where you could have him raise this and ask?  I can't imagine that he wants to do harm to his child, so I'm assuming this is just a case of ignorance and thinking he knows more than he does.

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So my DD has debilitating migraines. She is on serious RX's and pain meds. She is so bad that she is dealing with homebound learning due to the fact that she can't even go 1 day in school this entire school year. 

One of the 1st things l learned when she started seeing a neurologist is that I was over medicating her. I was giving her Excedrin migraine or Motrin every day. I thought I was helping her. Her neurologist and Pain Management Specialist only allow her to take pain meds 3X PER WEEK. Other than that if she can't get it under control with caffeine, sleep, essential oils- we go to the ER for an IV. She is doing much better since she has gotten her daily meds in her system but there was a time when we were in the ER twice a week. It was insane and she was in so much pain all the time. 

Moral of the story- he is really going to mess her up if he continues. The neurologist said that most pediatricians don't ever warn parents- mine didn't. She was the one to recommend Excedrin migraine and Motrin. 

If SD isn't sleeping he should really look at melatonin or just a gummy vitamin and tell her its something more.