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Sleeping arrangements

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Since me and my daughters SD4 and DD1 have been staying with my sister since my house flooded the sleeping arrangements have been a little hard to get used to. My DD and SD share a room which shouldn’t be causing so many problems but since my SD has been here she’s woken up my DD every time she goes to sleep. She just wakes her up in the mornings when she’s not ready and wakes her up from every nap she takes during the day. It’s starting to take a toll on my little one. She has trouble sleeping through the night but it’s worse when someone else is in the room with her. She stays grumpy all day long because SD won’t just let her sleep. I’m getting fed up with it and my 1 year old is too. I’ve tried keeping my SD from the room but she’ll just be as loud as she can be until my daughter wakes up no matter how much I get on to her fro being loud. Has anyone else had any experience with this kind of behavior? Can anyone give me some advice on how to handle this behavior with out forcing my SD to stay outside for hours? 


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Look in the mirror and repeat to yourself: SD IS NOT MY CHILD AND NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. Then message your SO and tell him he better make arrangements for his DD or you'll be taking her to either one of BM's or his family members.

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With all that going on, SD should be at BM house until everything is settled.  Or DH should be taking care of DD because he an a**

Send SD with your DH to the aunts house, he can arranged babysitter there for SD.  You have to make a stand with SD.   It’s your DH child an he should be the one who take care of it,  not the one to cause even more problem 

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I’ve tried having SD sent to BF during the week but it caused way too many problems. He ended up missing work which he blamed me for along with his mother berating me about how I’m not treating SD like my daughter. We’re currently trying to save money to get a house so him missing work really isn’t an option right now. 

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Why does SD think it's okay to wake up your little one???

As for getting after her. I agree with those above. I think you should have authority in your own home, but if she's going to act that way. It's time for DH to do soemthing about SD so that your little one can sleep. I 100% believe the grumpier the little one is, the grumpier everyone else is too!

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So true! When the little one can’t get enough sleep she’s a monster and turns me into one lol

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My DD3 does this to my DD1.5 all the time, drives me nuts and I have to get on her constantly about it. 

My girls' room is right next to the living room/dining room so there's usually noise close by. I have a sound machine in their room that I usually put on a white noise setting and have decently loud, it helps drown out all the other stuff. That might help if you can keep SD out of the room at least!

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What consequences are in place if she wakes up the little one? 

SD was 6 when we had our son, so a little bit older, but regardless, we had consequences in the form of time-outs if she woke the baby. I was way too exhausted to be dealing with that. If the time-out didn't work, she started losing toys/screen time. 

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I’ve tried time out many times but she goes to time out twice a day regularly now and it doesn’t seem to phase her. Today though I grounded her from everything and I’m hoping maybe that will make her realize that she can’t keep not listening and waking up her sister just because she wants to.