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I’m so over it

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I’m so tired of this you guys. Seriously this little ungrateful brat of a child is super getting under my skin today. Let’s cry because she didn’t get a tablet for Christmas even though she got a million other things. Let’s put on a stupid show of screaming and crying while mom brushes my hair because dad is sitting right in front of us. Let’s cry and whine about everything I have so I get everything I want. I’m sick of her. I’m tired of this little spoiled brat running my life. The world revolves around her and she doesn’t deserve it. She take everything she has for granted. Treats everyone like crap only to pretend to be nice when someone is looking. 


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Awful isn't it? My SD is just like that. She doesn't really care about anyone...she only values people by what they give her, or the attention she gets for being nice to them. Makes me sick, especially when she fake, over-the-top fusses over my son like the best big sister. It's such an obvious, insincere act.