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Maybe I AM the crazy one?

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So... a little bit of a back story for reference to my current problem. My husband and I have 4 children all together. My daughter from a previous relationship is 14. His daughter and son from a previous marriage are 12 and almost 8. He also has a son from another previous marriage who is 4. I love my family. The 4 year old can push my buttons and make me crazy but I love him. I genuinely want what’s best for all of our kids and I work extremely hard on my end to make them feel that way.

And it’s only Monday...

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I have to vent... 

This morning, my husband and I took the smallest step  child (age 4) shopping with us as we both needed new hiking boots for an upcoming trip. The closest stores are about an hour away.

The car ride there: smallest step child demands to listen to certain songs (which my husband gladly plays), throws a fit about not getting to visit his mom (does wonders for my mood), repeatedly asks to turn the music up or down (again, which my husband gladly does), and plays with his water cup (splashing the window multiple times).


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Hello all... I’m new here! I’m looking for a place to chat and get advice. I feel like I’m struggling every day with this step mom role. And I hate when people, especially my husband, tell me that I knew what I was getting into. Does anyone ever really know what they are getting into? Does life ever go as planned?