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If I hear "I'm so bored" one more time.

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SD9 doesn't have friends. SD9 relies on mommy and daddy to be her endless play things and entertainment. Mommy and daddy do everything to keep her entertained, especially her mom (and in the past her dad but hes getting better about it). I have SD this ENTIRE Saturday while my SO works this weekend. I hate it. Yes, I know it shouldn't be my responsibility to have her without my SO, I know the whole run down, and usually don't have her like this. I was whatever about today because I really did forget how bad she is without that constant entertainment.

What do you do for "me time"?

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Focusing on work at the computer 

Taking a long shower

Going out with my friends

Having a long phone conversation with someone 

Clean up the house with headphones on

Write in my journal 

Just a few of the things I like to do to disengage when SD is here. I let SO do the work as much as possible while I relax. In 2018, this was not the case all. God I've come so far.