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Last night, my BF and I had fought together. Sad He is kidding to his DH that her summer plan to do for 22 things will have me to worry about the budget. I was mad at him and asked him how about told her that dad had a budget. He told me, they were joking...I was so tired with him when he made me a joke to his kids and they laught. I don't care if they understand but his kids might think they couldn't do that thing because of me said "No." and dad pick me.

Horrible time

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My BF has two children.I've never thought, i will have this horrible experience. Long story short. My BF ex-wife cheated on him to someone else, abandoned her children, she came back home&left home before they divorced. They divorced 5 yrs ago. 2yrs ago, i started my relationship with my BF. He has had a bad credit because his ex-wife didn't pay morgate, she got money from my BF and didn't pay until morgate called my BF to remind he was behind payment for 2 months. His ex-wife has still owed child support to my BF and never paid. He lost his job and house 2 yrs ago.