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New Boundary in Regards to BM

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My FH has taken a lot of crap from BM. Last night I think it was at its worst - funny how she does that when he is out of town on work detail. So he says to me, I'm just not going to talk to you about her. We shouldn't talk about it.
1. I do feel that open communication will keep our relationship healthier - whether its about BM's *hit or not.
2. I want to feel as though my opinion, thoughts, and feelings matter, and if he isn't sharing, then he won't know.
3. I don't want him to feel like the whole weight of all of this is on his shoulders.

At it Again

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Got a call from FH today - he's away at training for a week - the BM has SS5 going to a counselor TOMORROW - against the joint-parenting agreement - NEITHER parent has the right to make any medical decisions without the consent of the other parent unless it is an emergency. Seeking out a counselor because she sees "behavioral" issues in her home is not an emergency. And we don't even see those issues in our home. It drives my FH nuts, which I think is why she does it - to invoke a response - to get him to lose his cool.

StepMom Needs Advice!

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I have been in a comitted relationship with a man who has been divorced for 2 years. I am the first woman he introduced his children to, ages 3 and 5. When I first met the children, the 5 year old instantly took to me, talked to me, sat with me, played with me. I am a firm believer in letting the children warm up to me so that they are comfortable with my presence.