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Tired of the extra weekends

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I know this sounds petty compared to what everyone else is going through but I’m tired of taking ssons an extra weekend a month. We’re doing it to help BM out so she can have a break from the boys. She works when we have ssons, by us taking them she gets a weekend off.

I guess what I’m really tired of is the running. This past weekend was our extra weekend and Saturday was just crazy:

9 a.m. – SS12 boy scouts
11 a.m. – SS12 b-ball tournament game
1 p.m. - SS12 2nd b-ball tournament game & SS8 karate

Sunday we dropped them off at her place for a party.

Monday night (our regular night) – SS12 boy scouts
Tonight (our regular night) – SS12 & SS8 evening class BM signed them up for.
Tomorrow – SS12 b-ball tournament game
Fri/Sat/Sun. - (our regular weekend) more b-ball and karate.

There’s just no end to the running…it’s exhausting.

We didn’t get home till after three Saturday and then I was doing the laundry, DH was cooking dinner. I lost it with the boys before dinner. I came upstairs from the laundry room and they’re jumping on SS12’s bed. DH had just finished yelling at them (I heard him from the basement). I just laid into them, the boys were shocked, so was DH, cause I rarely yell.

And I’ve been feeling guilty ever since for losing it.

Thanks for listening.



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I have explained to my FH that it is not my responsibility to run some other woman's kids all over the place. If she signs them up for all this *hit then she can cart them around. I did my time with my own kids with sports & recreations. My kids are grown & I'm not doing it for someone elses when I have no say what goes on with them. My weekends & evenings will not be spent that way. Don't feel guilty. You have a right to stand up for yourself & speak your mind.

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DH feels the same way I do about the kid activities, hates the running too. He understands and has told me repeatedly I don't have to participate. But then I end up spending my weekends and evenings alone. I miss spending time with DH.

Lately, my job has been extremely stressful and I want to be with my DH for comfort and support. So if I can only have holding hands with him in the car running from one kid activity to another, I'm taking it. I realize this sounds pathetic.

DH has talked to BM more than once about over scheduling the boys and her standard answer is "I'm raising them this way because I want them to be out-going. To be active." whatever...

And DH knows exactly how I feel about all the running. This weekend we had planned to take the boys out of town, a little getaway and now the boys are upset about missing their activities, we just can't win.

-Henry Kaiser