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OT. Update on DH's surgery

My DH had his surgery on Tuesday. The doctor said it went very well. He only had to stay in the hospital one night. Which while short, we hope will reduce the chance of an infection.

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OT- countdown to surgery


So, after a follow up CT scan and a meeting with the urologist this morning, the most likely chance (greater than 90%) is that the lime size tumor on my DH's kidney IS cancerous.

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OT could use some good energy

So, DH just was told of a lesion on his kidney. Found during a pre employment physical. So desperately needed job is on hold and possible cancer diagnosis.

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How would we measure up as stepkids...honestly?

I have come to a realization. I was one of those horrid little stepkids. But my family was intact. My brother was one too.

Here are just a few of my more stellar stepkidesque antics.

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Not Step related... but could be. Indulgent parenting

I have to vent a little bit about a situation with one of my DH's relatives.

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Has anyone been watching the show "imaginary mary" on us TV?

The show is about a childless woman who starts dating a man with three kids. It has shades of step life in it.

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Dear Annie.. again with terrible advice

Yikes, I really feel sorry for the new woman in this guy's life.