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MIL Please Go Away!

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There is dysfunction, trauma, abuse, and boatloads of crazy in my DH’s family.  For that reason, my DH and I have decided it’s not safe for our children to have a relationship with MIL.  There is a lot more to the story, but I don’t want to tell it all right now.  Just know that this decision was not taken lightly, and both of my SD’s therapists agree that MIL was dangerous to their mental health.  One of the therapists actually threatened to call protective services if the SD’s were left alone with MIL when they were minors.  This caused the domino effect of most of the rest of DH’s family


How much is too much?

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So my husband announces he wants to spend 4 days a month, every month with his kids. Adult kids and grandchildren. They will not have anything to do with me and most likely glad they don’t have to see me since they have chosen to disinclude and or not deal with me anymore (long story but really no huge issues just I spoke up for once about what I considered some disrespect and instead of us talking about it, they just cut me off). Given that I am not included and am suppose to be okay with it all, and focus on the 26 days I get him every month.


Left Upset with DH

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I left for work upset with DH for being upset that I asked if SS18 had paid his phone bill yet. Every time I ask (and I know I need to stop asking), DH says "I need to remind SS" and today it was, "I'll get the money fom him" like it's a job he needs to do for SS. It's due on the 1st, and what is today?