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Left Upset with DH

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I left for work upset with DH for being upset that I asked if SS18 had paid his phone bill yet. Every time I ask (and I know I need to stop asking), DH says "I need to remind SS" and today it was, "I'll get the money fom him" like it's a job he needs to do for SS. It's due on the 1st, and what is today?

I looked in SS's old room after he came over yesterday - not only did he not do any cleaning, he didn't even fully handle the pile of dirty laundry. The drawers are full of clothes, clothes still hanging in closet, ALL stuff still where it was. And I heard DH tell SS to leave some stuff here, like he's moving back in & the room will be waiting. 

Two days ago, talking about something else, DH explained how he likes to understand all the rules so he can figure out workarounds. I immediately thought SS didn't get ALL his deviant ways from BM. Filed that thought until this morning. I told DH I resented having to watch SS live here & tell stories that DH believes in the face of evidence, and I resent SS continuing to do this even after he's been kicked out & doesn't even live here anymore. I asked DH how he could be encouraging SS that he's coming back to live with us when SS still hasn't even BEGUN to act like someone who gets to live here (= someone who pays their bills, cleans up after themselves, etc.). DH tried to say I was being harsh just for one little tiny thing SS "forgot" (phone bill) and I quickly replied with a list (Didn't clean his room yesterday after weeks of promising DH he'd come do it at the top of my list) so that got shut down. DH said something about how I'm not getting any better & SS's been gone "a month," but I advised it's been 3 weeks and SS's stuff is still not gone and he's blowing off paying his phone bill, so he's not even out yet; but he's also heing told he can move back in?! (DH assumes SS will be insured, driving, enrolled in & attending CC Spring 2019). 

I told DH he's going to need to stand there and instruct SS every step of the way to get that room clean, or it'll never get done. We'll see if he gets that done; I am burning out on DH based on him telling ME I'm not getting better. I love this man but am taking steps to protect myself from being financially vulnerable. I am seeing my DH in a different light since he blew up at me before kicking SS out. It's sad but I have to stop letting skid & DH issues hurt me. Between them & my job, I am overwhelmed right now. I worked a lot over the weekend so even though it's Monday morning, I'm already burnt out.


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Last week I went into BS12's room and cleaned it myself... with a few large garbage bags. All of his electronics disapeared into my closet and soooooo much was just thrown out. He came home from the weekend at his dads to find everything done and his bed stripped and bedding in the washer. He still had make his bed and wait for his comforter to dry. 

If SS18 wants to act like he is 12, I am a firm believer of treating him that way. Maybe suspend his phone line until he can pay his portion. Adults have bills, if they don't pay the thing you are paying for get's shut off- Cell phone, electricity, gas, water, etc. -- This is a good adulting lesson for him. 

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StepUltimate I wouldn't care if SS paid his cell phone bill or not, why worry about that? That's just an added stress you don't need and its not your problem. Also after asking him several times to clean his room and he has not done so why don't you get a couple of those big black trash bags and place all his belongings in them and keep them in the room for him to pick up. You may not want to go through that hassle but I"m sure it will motivate him to pick up those bags and show him that when you ask him to do something he needs to do it.

Should he let time lapse on picking up those bags I'd tell him they will be donated to the good will and give him a time frame. Most times you can't leave too much room or that many options. They take it for granted and take you for a joke. Trust me I've done it and it works.

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I can't remember - is it you personally paying for his cell phone? Or is DH? If it's DH, let it go. If it's you, give DH a date by which he needs to have paid (every month) or you will shut down his phone. Same with the room - room needs to be cleaned out by the end of September, and if it isn't, I'm bagging up all of his stuff and putting it in the basement.  He can get it from the basement until X date, at which time it's going in the garbage.

After that, just disengage - confirm with DH that you both agreed he's not moving back unless conditions X,Y and Z have been met, and you plan to hold DH to that.  Then sit back and let him spin himself out trying to make SS do what he thinks needs to be done.


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I'm sorry things are still rough for you, I totally understand, SD 20 will soon be out of our house and I am sure DW will backpedal a bunch for her, I'm just praying she stays strong as she is right now, but we'll see.

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Did you and your husband have an agreement that SS can move back in if he gets his DL and starts school?

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That's what I got upset about: if DH can't even get SS to handle his room or pay his phone bill on time now, after he had to kick SS out, am I really supposed to believe SS will magically change upon moving back in? 

I would insist on a signed contract with SS if he does pull off a miracle & get going to CC in the Spring. I need to stay quiet & wait until that time to evaluate the situation. The contract would include dates snd timelines. I would require SS to outline all the classes he'd need to earn the certification, which classes he'll take each semester - INCLUDING SUMMER - and an agreement those classes are required to have B's and above, and we must be shown current grade status upon request. Same with auto insurance - I would require monthly proof the policy is paid for. Trust me, it would be an air-tight agreement that DH, me, and SS all sign.

We'll see.

I already know I don't want SS living with us again. 

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Good Lord that all sounds so exhausting. Hugs to you ans perhaps a bottle or two of wine. I do not envy your position of "meanie enforcer".

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I'm so glad my DH has no interest in having SS18 live with us. Not that SS would want to, since he does what he pleases at his BM's and our house would have rules.  But I'm grateful that DH isn't pouting and planning how to get SS on track so he can move back in.  Why doesn't your DH want to get his son on track so he can move out on his own?  Is it a competition with BM?

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not with SS.  You DH allows this to happen.  It not that he doesn’t see what is going on.  It’s he protecting his DS.  When push came to shove.  And SS did nothing at all. He had to throw him out.  But he will be happy to let him back and start the whole thing over again.  Buying SS more time to do nothing.  DH loves you so much that he picked SS over you just about 

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...this morning. Hung new curtains, emptied every drawer, threw tons of stuff away, and bagged a bunch of stuff to box up/store for SS. DH had SS come by twice this week to work on the laundry pile and "clean," but very little cleaning actually happened. I removed the hook from the ceiling so SS can't come over snd re-hang the crossbow there again. I found two more empty weed baggies, a vape pen box set with an empty cartridge, and a half-empty swisher-sweet two-pack. I removed the clothes hanging in the closet & threw away a bunch of old, worn out & too small clothes. I found a bunch of smartphone chargers and hats that SS had reported "lost" and we kept replacing (lazy stoner prefers to lie and say its Lost over keeping his own room clean and belongings accessible). I found a lot of books I remember buying for SS a few years ago. I found his expensive watch & bose bluetooth speaker we got SS as gifts.