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The More I Give Up, The Better I Feel

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I’ve been feeling happier lately in this whole stepparent world. And I think this happiness comes from simply giving up. The more I step back and keep away from the hope of having a positive impact on SD15, the better I feel and the easier the visits go for me.


SD15 was rarely made aware of my anxiety, but my mind was always spinning with questions about her well-being and various interpretations of her actions. I also worried over her father’s parenting choices and over her mother’s manipulation. Now I just don’t.


How much is too much?

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So my husband announces he wants to spend 4 days a month, every month with his kids. Adult kids and grandchildren. They will not have anything to do with me and most likely glad they don’t have to see me since they have chosen to disinclude and or not deal with me anymore (long story but really no huge issues just I spoke up for once about what I considered some disrespect and instead of us talking about it, they just cut me off). Given that I am not included and am suppose to be okay with it all, and focus on the 26 days I get him every month.