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Spinoff on the "SP" post~ ( step pup)

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This has had me thinking since I read this yesterday. " S P" (step pup) LMAO

Now, in my twisted and sarcastic mind, I was trying to think of other " Step Whatever" to interject besides pup.

I'll start: " Step Car"-" Step House"- Step Bird"

You guys get the idea, what can you make up in this place?

Sorry to whomever the original post was from, I am trying to learn many new names on here!

Go for it and be creative! Can't we all use a laugh?

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Step Ladder (literally)

Step Tools

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Step Underpants- ewww. I don't blame you.

Here is another one; " Step Bathrobe" which needs to be replaced- ASAP :sick:

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We still have a chair that was dhs at the old house that all his kids want when they come over. mine don't care but if they're in it first they're not moving. step kids and dh think it's the most comfy thing. i think it's dirty and stinks. I plan to replace Step Chair at XMAS.

DH also brough an old rusty turkey cooker pot that he just loves. so i guess that's the Step Pot.

PS - I was the original Step Pup poster Smile SP11 is doing just fine with DD20 and her bf and his two roommates.

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So, it was you!!! LOL

P.S. Still a "Step Chair" of DH's but got rid of the "Step Couch" when we moved. (not DH)

Now the "Step Bed" had to go.( or me) No.Way.

Still have " Step Art" - It is tacky with no taste. BM apparently did not study arts as she never even knew a name like Monet before.

So, that I would call, " Step Trash" (BM, not DH)


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We had a step mattress that we conceived DD5 on - it killed me that SS16 was also conceived on the mattress but could not afford a new one right away - we do have one now - we also had a very ugly in my opinion Ethan Allen Step Couch that was given away - DH wanted to die because it was so expensive and I said out out out - it was ugly and would only look good in a red room - which by the way we were not going to have a step red room so bye bye couch - That is all the furniture he got from the divorce - the bed and the couch - both now gone - when the mattress men came to take the mattress I did a happy dance - I hated sleeping on that thing! Smile Smile

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I went through the same things with the old Step Bed too. I used to wake up and feel icky. I felt like the Step Bed was not for a new marriage so I bought a new bed. You and I both did happy dances!

A Step Red Room? LOL

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Funny, DH told me that the only money he actually ever walked away with was a roll of 5 dollar bills rolled up for their 1st anniversary. (awww)

DH told me when he moved to his flea bag squat (with Step Dog) that he had to take it out and use it. Good thing he took it because that was all he really got.

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I have a step-piano that I pretend is not a step because I actually like that.

All the step-furniture is gone. Conveniently, it just "didn't fit right" when we moved out of the step-house into our house.

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BM kicked H out with VERY little. Wouldn't even let him back to get his aquarium. Turns out she killed the fish so that's probably why.

So I have no step ANYTHING (except the kids themselves).

Lucky for HIM, I'd been living on my own (single parent) for 9 years so I pretty much supplied everything.

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Yes she did. Big beautiful angelfish - I saw a picture of them.

That should have been the first red flag to be of what a psycho crazy b!tch this person actually was!

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There's a Step Mug in my of those HUGE "World's Best Dad" mugs. Since BM NEVER helps SD get any gifts for her father since they split up, I'm SURE this was a gift BM got for him. Bothered me for a while...until I thought to myself..."Hey, wait! That coffee mug is HUGE! Hmmmm...." and I laid claim to the darn thing on weekend mornings LOL!
I'm still stuck with a Step Bedroom Suite in a Step House, but have mostly managed to replace everything else, so I'm biding my time on that.
Two, count 'em TWO StepDogs, though. Fair enough, DH also has two of whom is, ahhh, lacking in some basic manners training. She's 11 years old, and there are actually REALLY good reasons she's lacking in manners, so DH with his perfectly trained stop-and-sit-at-every-doorway-for-permission-to-go-through dogs has had to learn to cope with a manners-less doorway-bolting hairy beast with bad breath.

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I have
StepChristmas Orniments.

I got rid of most of my step-products but the happiest was getting rid of that Step-bed. It made my skin crawl
I also had a stepmirror but I kept seeing BM face in it

Did you ever see your DH in old photo with BM and he has the same clothes...StepClothes. or see something in their home and its in your home... STEPHORROR

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Yes! And it makes me sick.

Step Clothing
Step Bathrobe :jawdrop:
Step Knife Set }:) JK

Oh yes, the Step Sheets- I only have a few left and they are going to burn soon. It makes me feel icky.

I would not keep a Step Mirror ever- I hear you there! :O

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Don't laugh at me here but...

At first I could "feel" everything that the ex had even touched. Seriously. It amazed DH that I could pick up on it so much so I scared the crap out of him telling him it had probably been hexed by her and he was running to the curb with shit when we were moving..... }:) }:) }:)

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So, point being, IF you happen to have a slightly "Superstitious" DH / BF, try that one.

" Sweetie, I need to confess something to you that has been waking me up at night. It's the bed (or whatever step object) I keep waking up after this odd dream about some curse on it. Please will you help me before it hurts us? Pleeeeease?"

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i had a step house ~ HATED IT! but now we have our house. i still have step sheets, but i use them to cover the plants in the winter.

i believe i have gotten rid of every other step thing i have come into contact with. well, with exception to the ass gnats ~ haven't figured out how to get away with that, yet!! }:)

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I've done a major cleanse of all my step-products.hmm the only 'step' left to take out to recycling is SD }:) JUST KIDDING! Smile

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fabs ~ you're a better person than i.... that club foot would have been "accidentally" broken a long ass time ago

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I lived in the Step House for awhile but now we have a new house. however, we didn't sell Step House and it's now a rental and it could be called the Step Revenge House. Im the decree, it stated that if DH sold or lost the house within 7 years of the divorce, he had to split the profit with her. Well that didn't happen and I gained all her equity. They bought the house back in the 80's. The house is now making us money and she'll never see a dime of it.