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Dealing with unfit bioparents? Help?

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What am I supposed to do in this kind of situation? I EXPLAINED TO BM that SS8 is running around the area, without an ADULT going to see what kind of "enviroment" might be in any given home that SS8 wanders off to, while daddy naps and BM does NOT bring it up to DH, only just drops the poor kid off here, again, like it is nothing? There is NO way either of my bios would ever go anywhere where they were not being properly supervised. NEVER.

Oh yeah, BM probably needs a "break" with sugarstepdaddy. How stupid of me not to remember how much more important that is than being a good mom. SS8 is FLUNKING every subject in school, TWO grade levels behind in reading, and BM carries his Wii around for him, in a suitcase?! STUPID BITCHES. Take the damn "Wii" away and fucking teach your kid how to read, lazy ass parents.

I do NOT want to be responsible for whatever might happen to SS8, while at my house. I'm thinking of typing up some letter of disclosure letting BM know that I can't, and will not be held responsible for anything that might happen to THEIR son, w2hile in my presence.

I can't believe this. Advice is greatly needed. Thank you so much. ~

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So wait, your DH is the one who lets SS do whatever while he's napping?

And your biggest concern is a letter to BM and not, say, an appointment with a divorce attorney....why?

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Exactly. I hear you. Don't think that's not relevant. It indeed is.

What about "today" though, is my question?

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Wow. If you have a few extra bucks, I'd actually go to a lawyer and ask them what your liability is. We can all speculate, but to be honest with you, if you are home and refuse to supervise SS if he gets into an accident (say, he wanders into a neighbor's pool and drowns, or gives himself third degree burns playing with fire) I'm not sure you're off the hook. Especially if your husband turns on you (well, butterfly offered to watch SS since I work third shift...)

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Oh dear lord. I can't be running all over the neighborhood here. I've got MY hands full already with BS1.

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BM might be a despicable human being but on this issue specifically, it is 99% your husband's fault and 1% BM's.

Besides, what is she going to do anyway? "well, I'm not going to send my kids because DH takes naps while he's supposed to be watching them. No, I don't know personally, but someone told me. Well, no, SS hasn't gotten into an accident yet, I'm just afraid he might."

Good luck with that as an explanation for why you didn't send your kids to visitation.

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BM was standing right here in my driveway with SS8 picking up his "suitcase" and SS8 admitted that there was not ONE adult in that home that he went to, with the little "girl" and BM said, "I'm going to have to talk to DH about this."

Nothing. Like it isn't happening. And would I as a BM let that slide? HELL NO.