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I live in a Jerry Springer show~ Hiding from BM and forcing DH to be a real "parent?" unreal!

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So sorry to be a blog hog lately, but this is actually funny to me, in a very twisted way, that is.

So, BM emailed DH THIS MORNING to tell him that SS8 was coming over tonight. DH left without replying back and I had WARNED him to get to work, EARLY as to be able to get out and go pick up... HIS SON. * Did he do it, NO! Oh well. So BM TRIED to pull a card on me by coming HERE after DH goes to work to drop off SS8 few things and the damn Wii. I am literally crouched down in my office where I could NOT be seen nor heard by her and MY BS1 is napping. BM knocked on ALL THREE DOORS. Rang the DOORBELL? My heart was racing. Then she left. Can you believe this drama? OMFG

So... I emailed DH at work to inform him that HE needed to pickup HIS CHILD at school, by a certain time and he sent this TRAP of an email back crying about not having notice enough, to leave work early but that he would TRY to "work something out."

I'm NO FOOL HERE. This was an "attempt" to get ME to go pickup HIS kid at school, for him instead. Not gonna do it either. Welcome to the world of being REAL PARENTS, BM AND DH. Suprise! Suprise!


No mother of a baby should have to live like this crap. They need to grow the fuck up- STAT

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you go girl!!!! That is awesome!!! I would definitely do that to bm if she EVER tried to dump her crotch rot on me or my BF. We are NOT her babysitters etc....she is the CP and my BF gets skid EOWE PERIOD!!! I nor my BF are doing that bitch ANY FAVORS!!!

My BF works Mon-Fri and so do I and my BF already KNOWS that I want nothing to do with his kid and I will not watch him, pick him up, etc. I have my own son to take care of! My son's father is not involved and skid has two parents so my kid comes FIRST. Anything skid related is THEIR DAMN PROBLEM!!!

Thankfully my wonderful man and I are on the same page and he NEVER asks or expects me to do ANYTHING for his kid. EVER!!! THE WAY GOD INTENDED IT!!! And I do JUST THAT...NOTHING!!!

And I freaking LOVE IT!!!!


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They are both so very immature. IF you can't stand being a real parent, for god's sake, don't screw around. You made this child, YOU deal with it. I'm so, so, so done with these babies. There happens to be a REAL BABY here?!

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Exactly! And YOUR OFFSPRING COMES FIRST...PERIOD!!! Let them handle the spawn THEY created and do what you need/have to do for YOU AND YOURS!!! Smile

Never feel guilty or bad for NOT doing anything for skid because if God wanted you to be his parent you would have given birth to him....God gave that kid to THEM therefore THEY need to handle him and raise him!!!!

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I hope DH enjoys the "new" visitation, that he so badly wanted. His desire, I am sure, was to be able to have ME pick up HIS son from school, bring THEIR son home while trying to lug a very active toddler around, let the lad play wherever he desired, cook for ALL of them, not considering that SS8 hates my cooking (whatever), DH waltzes in the door at whatever hour, is greeted with trumpets and kisses, gets to plop his ass down, eat, do "daddy time" with SS8, and off to disney dreamland DH goes...............

Um, no way, jose. }:)

Enjoy Darling!!!" }:)

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i am giggling cause I could so picture myself doing this!

That is AWESOME! Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. But later, don't you look back and think,

"gawd, this is what my life is reduced to? Hiding in my own home to prevent from being seen?"

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I NEVER visulalized my life as such! I warn others who might even be thinking about this "lifestyle." Dirol

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I have TWO bios and for a fact would have NEVER pushed either off on a father such as this. NEVER. BM is desperate and neglegent, in my opinion for trying to push SS8 off. I would just keep my kid to myself and move right on.

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Exactly! I know my sons bio-dad is a complete loser and would be useless to/for my son so I dont give two shits if he is in the picture, and neither does my son! He knows who loves him and takes care of him and he is happy and healthy and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!

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I know. My eldest son's dad passed away, 5 years ago BUT if his dad had not really wanted to be a dad all of those years? "Screw you, MR. and thanks for the beautiful boy!"

No way I would have EVER placed MY KID through that or made myself look that desperate. Too many fish in the sea. Blum 3

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Here is DH's so-called attempt via email. A: He would never have the balls to call her this, to her face so; B: DH thinks he can come cry to ME, NO. NO. NO. HE screwed this beast. LOL, he would be so ashamed if she ever showed up at his office. (so would I).


I didn’t request a suitcase. Her email this morning said she would be dropping it off. I thought she just leaves it in the carport.

Great…I made no arrangement here at work to leave in time to be there by 5. I guess I’ll work something out. (OH WELL)

That fucking BITCH!

I love you. Thanks.


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OOOOO, you nailed it so well! Indeed that is what he awaits. I'm not taking the bait. Tough crap. I already warned him too.

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I have also reached my absolute limit!

Our Golden Uterus is "ill" we now have THEIR children full time and his is upset the I don't "help out"... Uh uh no ways...

I cook; (constantly whinged about my food); clean (drop our toys, clothes and whatever else where we please); wash (clothes just left EVERYWHERE)... Iton (don't get me started)... basically all the "parent" sh1t, but DON'T let me suggest they need discipline!!!! O NO I'm "too tough"!!! they're not MY children!!! Two can play that game!!!!

GU is "unable" to have them for more than a few hours at a time yet whinges constantly about how much she "misses" them... yet suggest that she take them for the weekend i.e. no school rush and run simple pleasure of the weekend... That's "TOO MUCH"...

I am swiftly very swiftly approaching the stick to my bedroom idea until said "awesome children" are put to bed in the evenings!

DH thinks it will all be solved in approx 2 weeks!!! She can't take them for 2 days how on earth are you expecting her to suddenly take them FULL-TIME in 2 weeks time!!!!!!!! Daddy Disney Land Dreaming.....

This post will self-destruct in 15 seconds to protect the innocent... aka ME! }:) }:) }:)

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This is what always bothered me too! DH expects us to act like substitute moms when it comes to GIVING to their children, but if we need to have order and respect - we are NOT their mom. Can't have it both ways, nuh huh.

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too funny having to hide from the BM i think i rather deal with a sales person then a BM any day at my door...good for you that you held your ground with him..