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Skid's Got Talent! (Spinoff on Grace8205's Blog)

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How many of you have skids that are actually talented in some arena aka professional league?  Not the "Little Einsteins" that have recently learned in the 11th grade that mixing baking soda and vinegar causes foam or  the "Mini Mozarts" who have discovered middle C after six years of music lessons.

Not the participation trophy level where the bar is lowered into mining territory.  And if so are they humble about their accomplishments or are they bodacious braggadocios?



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Edited for being a bit too specific. The last thing I need is for the BM or somebody to spot this. Suffice it to say, I love this topic.

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Does social media count as a talent? Otherwise SD has never had any hobbies and interests. She almost picked up an instrument once but before she could decide they moved and changed schools. 

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Mine is good at knowing the latest celebrity/vlogger drama...

Oh maybe she could compete in the liars olympics?

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My (ex) OSD  since she was 15 until the last time I laid eyes on her at her age of 38 is/was  most talented at passive aggressive behavior,"borrowing"my personal items and never returning ,  lying~ outright or  through omission and giving Oscar worthy tantrum performances ..oh , and  faking sickness  .

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SD11 actually won a photography contest last year.  I took her out hiking, we spent hours scouring the mountains for what she deemed the "perfect" shot.  Then she went ahead and took it herself, then I showed her how to edit it a bit, so she finished that even.  I had it printed and we framed it up.  She was SO proud of that.  And even more proud of it when it won first.

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Mine are all athletically gifted, but my ILs think they're bound for MLB/NFL. Don't see it happening for them at that level, but they all have bright futures if they don't F it up.

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No none of my kids (bios or step) have stand out talents, they are all good at stuff, but don't strive to be the best.

I do have a family member who is exceptionally good looking and has worked hard and been on many television shows as well as other stuff, but the instagram feed is all about "look at me and my beauty." Like a far off squint sexy look titled "just woke up and knowing today will be exceptional" stuff like that. Love them because they are my family member, but very pretentious. One of the parents is also very talented and has a very specific skill and has used it to win prizes, get on tv shows, do all sorts of things and never brags and is humble.

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My SD is a talented, trained musician. She teaches at the university level and runs a related small busines. Very focused and successful. I give her lots of credit for her accomplishments.

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SS21 is a great football player and his talents (and brains) got him scholarships to a private college and he was their starting OL the last 3 years.  Since he was red shirted his freshman year they offered to pay the first part of graduate if he kept playing.  He decided that he was not going to continue to play.  He is 21 years old and has the body of a 35 year old.  He is done.  SS21 is extremely humble.

SS17 is athletically gifted in every sport especially baseball, but he has no self motivation and doesn't want to put the hard work in that it takes to get scholarships.  He has actually said that he will do just enough to get his name mentioned but thats it.  SS17 will tell us at every turn that he is the best of the best. 

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My skids are not talented in anything at all. Seriously I wish they were, but it's a challenge just for them to do their homework. Other than that, they are incapable of doing most things for themselves and have done nothing that I can think of outside of sitting on their butts playing video games or staring at their smartphones.

DD16 is though. She has a market for her artwork and  from age ten has made thousands yearly selling her art online. She stopped selling a couple of years ago when HCBD ramped you his abuse, but now that things have settled down, she is starting a video editing business at the request of several of her former customers. She is also a self-taught pianist, and although her songs are a pleasure to hear and she could probably do mild entertainment such as playing background music in a lounge, she is not good enough to produce her own music consistently or make it diverse enough to gain and maintain a steady fan base. Additionally, she seems to pick winner stocks and has made thousands in the stock market over the past few years, but she is no Wall Street expert - she has just gotten lucky there.

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Unfortunately my SDs only talents are as follows-

SD7: lying, making huge messes, being nosey, mixing up the truth, ignoring instructions, continuously failing math and spelling no matter how much me and DH work with her, causing problems at the drop of a hat, floods the bathroom during/after a shower, disobeying, stealing my 2yo sons food from his plate when she's done eating hers...


SD5: lying, crying for no reason, talking with a constant whining voice even when she's happy, wasting toothpaste by "cleaning the sink with it", helps flood bathroom during/after shower, ignoring instructions, disobeying, wasting food she originally asked for....

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My SD8 is super into geology and other science related stuff, and shes definitely the smartest of the 3 skids. She knows the names of a ton of rocks and gems so I'm hoping she'll go far! Shes the only one who will help her dad at our farm and can already swing a hammer better than most lol 

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Well as ppl know my skid has talent, but not a nice person. 

Instead I will brag about my son by another mother. My son's all time  friend as been like a second son to me. He is really good at computers, math and algorithms. By the time he has 16 yo he was making $750k on YouTube and still continues to be succesful. And the best part he is such a good grounded person.

His mother is also a close friend, her son bought her a BMW convertible for her 50th bday. He recognizes everything his mom has done for him.