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1st post~ I've regained my sanity..well part of it at least.

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Hello! Long time reader here. A little background - Mom of DD10 & DD15, SM of SS12 & SD9, Dealing with Batshit crazy BM since 2009.

My Skids are brainwashed. BM is religious nut. Nothing wrong with a little Jesus, but this lady is Waco level insane. SS12 & SD9 have been told that I'm Satan, like literally Satan. SS will not be in the same room as me, he will not speak or touch any item that he sees me handle, SKids will not spend the night in my home & haven't since 2013. SS has resorted to sitting in the car 1+ hrs when he arrives for his 2-3 hrs of visitation and pouting that he has to come inside eventually.

You see, first of all this used to really bother me. I wanted the perfect little "blended family". I would try to be the perfect SM.. We took family vacations, we spent quality time together playing. I was the maid, chauffeur, cheerleader etc. All the while BM was brainwashing them to hate me. They started coming around less, I'd get blamed for everything, my parenting skills for my own DD's were criticized on social media, Every move we made was being reported to BM constantly. Everything down to us purchasing pizza was confessed by skids upon interrogation by BM. I was stressed, having anxiety attacks, depressed & upset...Not anymore. After reading this site for awhile, I learned to disengage-

I learned to worry about me, my DD's and my marriage. I let DH deal with the skids, crazy BM, the visitation drama & the PAS. I can't change the situation but I changed how I dealt with it. Skids still drive me crazy and I dread the visits but Im glad that I found this site!

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Oh I love to have fun with skids... Hehe. Just last week I attempted to hand SS a phone charger... he wouldn't touch it. I said, " Yeah, better not touch it or you will turn to dust" His face was priceless. :jawdrop: I'm sure he reported me to BM as soon as he could grab a phone. I'd swear she was still breastfeeding the 12 yr

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I know I shouldn't laugh but that is funny. I think you should play up to it. My skids BM is also a religious nut. but I am not the devil, wish she said I was, they wouldn't speak to me then.

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Some kids cannot be saved from their toxic manipulative blended family opposition parent.

It is good that you remain focused on your marriage.

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Counseling was ordered years ago by the courts for Skids, of course BM wouldn't allow anyone to head shrink her babies. "God knows what's best for them." ....It's not worth the lawyer costs & DH has quit trying to fight her in court.

DH knows at the end of the day that I've done nothing to make Skids not want to be around me. He tells skids the truth when they spew their nonsense. Fact of the matter is that they are brainwashed/sheltered by BM so badly that they have no chance at a normal life. All I can hope for is that Karma will bite her in the ass one day when they go freaking buck wild once they gain independence.

I'm working on some new jewelry just for the skids benefit Wink you guys crack me up!