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Spinoff on the Baby Talk Blog(s) How do you handle it?

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Baby talking at an inappropriate age because:

1. The BM/biodad think it's CUTE and seek to continually infantalize their children
2. The kid senses item #1 and plays it for all it's worth.

How do you handle it?

When YSS was stb 7 he would jump up and down in place and yell "TREAT TREAT TREAT TREAT TREAT" when he should have said "can I please have some ice cream?"

He would also say IMMEDIATELY after being picked up by dad (without a return salutation from YSS) "Can we go to the BLLLLUUUUUUUE store???!!" (meaning Walmart)

And also say "Mick and Donals" for McDonalds.

I used to correct him and admonish him to speak properly (because I think highly of children and believe they are completely capable/should aspire to ever higher expectations)

I'm not talking about children that have TRUE disabilities. I'm just talking about so-called parents who are the "coochie coo" types and want to keep their ever growing children in verbal diapers for as long as possible.

Others have just kept saying "I'm sorry I can't understand you" (during prolonged periods of whining and/or baby talk)


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I absolutely cannot stand the baby talking by kids old enough to speak properly.

When they reach teen years I'll look right at them and roll my eyes before ignoring them completely.

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They are better now but it took me jumping in before DH could respond and saying, "I'm sorry but we have no idea what you just said/where that is/what you are asking."

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I ignore baby talk. Kids(bio, step, nieces, nephews,cousins, students....) learn pretty quick that they won't get a response from me if they talk like babies.

I don't care how they speak to other people. ExDF's youngest two daughters (10 and 8)do the baby talk thing with, their mother and her sisters. They always spoke to me in a normal voice.

I don't have a problem without kids or adults saying mommy,momma, daddy, papi...
As long as the term they use isn't disrespectful, I say have at it.

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All children go through this. My SS and BD have done it. How the parent(s) handle it is the crux. With my BD it was always speak properly or don't bother asking. Baby talk is cute when they're two and even then I won't encourage it.

With my SS and SO it took constant "Love, he is not talking properly. I have no idea what he wants/ can't understand him/ won't encourage this behaviour." This lasted for about 1.5 years then my SO got tired of me refusing to acknowledge "Monnnnnnnnnnnnnn I ant duice" and him having to do it as I wouldn't when it was translated by SO or BD.

You need immense patience and to completely refuse to indulge the behaviour from either your DH or the child.