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Weekend of DH in Charge!

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Dh informed me on Wed that SS and SGD were coming over and spending the night. I started a new job a couple weeks ago and currently on 120 hours of training and I'm totally braindead by the weekend so I told him your company you're in charge! I offered to pick up food for whatever he was cooking while I was grocery shopping but that's it. He decided he was grilling on Saturday night asked me to get a chicken. That was it nothing else so I picked up a chicken and the sausage I wanted. Friday he tells me that SS invited an old female classmate to dinner too (ss is newly seperated). I  was not happy! Other company means cleaning house and more food. I asked hubby if he had enough food and mentioned cleaning the bathroom. He basically ignored the question. 

Saturday gets here and Dh says he's going to go do some side jobs instead of getting ready for SS. I asked when SS was getting here he has no idea so I made plans to go see a movie with a friend and told him he better be here when his company arrives because no one else would be here. I get hom from movie about the same time DH gets home and he says SS isn't coming to till later now. My response was great now you have time to scrub down the main bathroom and fix dinner before he gets here. LOL He cleans the bathroom then starts asking what we were having for sides. I said I have no idea your in charge. *diablo* He finally found beans in the cabinet. Next what about drinks? Same response from me. It was fun for me! 

SS gets here and SGD 6 is up his butt! New child of divorce, mini-wife syndrom getting started and I sure hope it calms down once she gets used to the change. SS friend shows up. Super sweet girl, I hope she runs! The miniwife syndrom and my adult stepdaughters would eat this girl alive! SS basically spends the whole evening being interrupted by SGD and entertaining her. I couldn't help but laugh and told DH it reminded me of his daughters. 

Bed time comes and I ask DH where they are sleeping. He looks like a deer in the headlights then ask if they can sleep in my daughter's room since she is at her dad's house and usually lets guest sleep in her room. I told him sure but he would have to go change the sheets since he didn't ask her to have her bed guest ready. He then spends 10 minutes making the bed up. It was hillarious. 

Dh said he was making breakfast this morning but it's now 9:30 and DH is out hiding in his mancave, nothing cooking. I'm chilling on the couch with coffee watching Hoarders unconcerned he never put the sausage out to thaw or check to see if we have milk or bread. Did I also mention he didn't think to plan for lunch or dinner tonight and SS mentioned he was staying till SGD's bedtime. 

Did I mention dishes aren't done from last night? I'm not doing them. DH can do those when he decides to cook breakfast. My plan for today before he announced we were having company was to spend the day cleaning out the flowerbed and garden. I'll be spending my day doing that not cleaning up after his kid and grandkid. 

I love not having to be the one planning and arranging all the food. LOL 

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Just wondering if SD or SS will offer to do them.  No, just kidding - I know the answer.  But good for you!

My DH is like this.  He never asks - just announces - that SD, her Hubby and their dogs or his other relatives will be visiting.  Then I will interrupt everything I had planned for myself to get beds ready, house cleaned, food prepped.  When they arrive he is the hero.  He cooks the main course (maybe), while I shuffle around him, preparing the rest of the dinner, cleaning up after them or SD who never lifted a finger. 

You have to ask yourself, if your family visited would DH do the same for you?  I already know that answer too.  My DH would go hide out the minute my family stepped through the door.   Looking back, I wish I had done what you did.  From now on I will.

Funny thing though, if I leave everything up to him his relatives will notice how filthy his bathroom is.  This is also used as the guest bathroom.  And you know will happen?  It will be my fault instead of his.  Now I don't care.

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 Family are not guests!  For years I made the mistake of treating Skids and their families as guests.  Now, when they come to visit, they waite on themselves and clean up after themselves.  SD57 hates this, so they don't come to stay, they visit less than an hour, when they come to the City.  *i-m_so_happy*

I have a rule at my Dad's house.  My family cleans up the kitchen, including changing the bed, cleaning bathrooms, and doing up all the laundry, before they leave.  I clean and care for my 101 yr. young Father; they visit him, so they can do their part.  I had a cousin that visited and never left it like she found it; I stripped the guest bed, did up the laundry.  I left no towels in the guest bath, did not remake the bed (left it stripped), and walked away.  My brother and his wife get a motel, when they come for a week; it's surprising when they aren't treated like Royalty how they find other accommodations.

My cousin will be visiting again soon, because it's her drop off place.  She will have to find towels in the drawer and make up the bed before she sleeps in it.  

Good job ETexasMom!  From now on, make some house rules and keep up your disengagement.