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Geez Louise - Twit is Really Going Off the Rails

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Twit tends to call in the early morning and leave these bizarro messages.  There, thankfully is a time difference so we don't get them until later when we get up.

This a.m. is is on a roll.  Paranoial roller coaster.....everyone IS talking about her and making up stories about this upcoming wedding.  None of them are hoo hoo.  She didn't do anything, everyone else did.  WE (yes you saw that right) need to show up at the wedding because she needs "family" to be there.

Give me a frigging break.  On and on she goes and I wonder why DH even botheres to listen, but he does.  Now I am too upset in my stomach for breakfast.  Ratz, just the sound of her voice and crying jag are like nails on a chalk board to me and actually start to concern me when she does this.

I told DH again, before he could even speak I was not going back there, no way, no how.  That his good daughter, her hubby and I were all gong to be in Las Vegas PERIOD.

According to this morning rant, the couple did not invite any of her hubby's brothers and sisters except one and he is not pleased about that.  I know we never received any invite and I am not going around hunting for anyone to tell me if or not I was invited because I just don't give a carp.

Once again, it is all about her, is't everyone being mean to her, she is the victim etc.  This woman does not have a clue that others have feelings too; just her.

Oh, the BTB's famiy is coming in for almost a month around the wedding and this, of course, has Twit upset because the couple are planning to do things with them and she doesn't know if she will be included or not.  Imagine that!  This from a Twit that has no problem excluding people from events is now worried that she won't be included.

Personally, I hope they invite her to go along with them on everything so the bride's parents can get a good look at her, hopefully before the wedding.   

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Scary. Just keep your distance and enjoy your trip to Vegas!!!  I hope that DH joins you and his "good son" & family on this trip.

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"This from a Twit that has no problem excluding people from events is now worried that she won't be included."  Ironic, isn't it?  LOL

You made a commitment to the 'good' SD BEFORE Twit insisted you HAVE to show up.  You honor your prior commitments.  Is there any way you can unplug the phone for the night?   What would happen if you told DH you don't want to hear about it anymore?

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As you say, this is all from a Twit who, in the past, has had no problems excluding people from things, inviting them and then leaving to go shopping or to a pot and pan party, etc.  Now the shoe is on the other foot and she is just all atwitter about how terrible her son and his BTB are.  FWIW, I guess she offered to pay for the rehersal dinenr and was told by thanks.

This and the returning of all the stuff they bought them speaks more than volumes.  IMHO, it is like saying they want nothing more to do with them.  Oh, are they gonna pay for that unless Twit is scared of the BTB, which I get the feeling she is right now.

And, NOPE, I am not changing my plans at all.  Still going to Vegas DH or not.  I have no intention of going to this mess of a wedding because it is going to be so uncomfortable IMHO.

Sandye, a narcisisse like Twit is having fits because her son,her BABIE, is breaking away from her.  These "babies" and her hubby are her immediate universe and she doesn't want any one to leave or go.  That is why she sabotoges them.

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It sounds as if Twit's crazy is showing. I agree with you SDM, the BTB's parents should get maximum exposure. Maybe they'll pack up their daughter and flee!

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Yep, Julie, Twit's crazy is showing.  She doesn't do life well in the best of times.  I, too, am hoping she spends time with the BTB family before the wedding.  You see, Twit can only hold normal together for so long and then she starts to get, well, anxious, saying the most goofy things, getting irritated.  Just the stress of the wedding will probably speed up that process too.

And, yes, I thought of disconnecting the phone.  But may I say that after being a target of hers for oh so long, it is quite interesting to watch her now.  As I said once before, like studying some alien from outer space.  I just have to try to keep DH from feeling that he needs to jump in and help her out.  I'm all for letting her self destruct on her own.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to happen with her type.   They seem to wreck havoc every where (like that Mayhem guy in the insurance commercials) and then walk away leaving every one else to deal with the carp she left behind.

DH hasn't made a decison yet on whether he is going with me to Vegas or not and I'm not nagging on that...up to him.  The one thing I never want to happen is for Twit to give him a big dose of guilt trip and him to start on me that I kept him from going to that wedding, etc.  I know better than to let that happen so even there I am a tad careful about what I say on it right now.

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Yeah, Twit's crazy is showing, tell her time to tuck it back in for the millionth zillionth time. This lady needs to be institutionalized, she might even make my devils' triangle look better, omg. What an idiot, sick man to agree to marry this mental case......

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As I say, her little universe is exploding and she isn't handling it well.  Just heard from DH that Twit is upset because since Drunkie left some months back, he doesn't keep in contact with her.  Like the rest of her family, he doesn't return her calls!

So, here we have Drunkie not bothering with Twit, the BTB and Groom are cutting loose the apronstrings (rather the bride is doing that) and all Twit will have left is the 400+lber.

As my friend say, her world is exploding as she never thought of her children as people, but as hers.  Satelites to revolve around her "sun" so to speak.

Guess the only family member, outside of her and the 400 lber going (I'm not certain whether Drunkie is going or not) is one of her DH's sisters.  The rest of us were either not invited or declined.  IMHO that speaks volumes.

Should we place bets as to how long before she starts to errupt like that volcano in Hawaii?  And which one explodes longer?

I told DH that he shouldn't listen to her whining calls, but he does.  At least he isn't calling her back.  And, little devil that I am, I must say I find it interesting after all the time she tormented me.   Still haven't heard from DH if he is going to Vegas with us or not but my plans are made.  

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Really suprised to hear Drunkie moved out.  Just hope he will get better.  When is the wedding and your trip going to take place?

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Sandye, I was surprised to hear that too.  But, like you I pray for the best.  He must be doing okay as he isn't returning Twit's calls.

The wedding is in August, so that is when I am going to Vegas with good SD and her hubby and DH, should he decide to forego the wedding drama.

You know, now that I have a handle on what Twit is through this board and the people like you and my girlfriend, AND I am hundreds of miles away from her, I find it interesting to watch how she operates and tries to control everyone.

Once DH mentioned that we had gotten together with her sister and Twit went nuts wanting to know just what her sister had said about her.....what lies she was hoo hoo.   That IMHO is the paranoia showing up and the fact that Twit has a wicked mouth about others, she loves spreading stories that aren't true about people just to make herself look better than or how she is put upon.

You just cannot have any type of relationship with someone like that.  In any friendship there has to be some trust and caring about the other person.  Twit, as I have said before, is incapable of that.  She haunts Facebook looking for things her sons and the BTB may have posted and then gets her undies in a bundle claiming they were saying things about her.  Couldn't tell you if they do or not as I don't do Facebook.

I know you are in Nevada, Sandye, so keep looking east over them there mountains for an erruption that is going to hit the stratisphere when she blows.  She is getting wound tighter and tighter.

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Oh, one more comment about Drunkie.  He was Twits claim to victimization, now with the wedding and the drama that that has turned into she has that so she  probably isn't concerned about Drunkie any more, at least right now.  She doesn't need him for her victimization.  Sad, very sad.