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Why do they not see what I see?

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My ss8 is autistic. High functioning, but still Autistic. Needs an aide with him in a regular classroom, needs lots of breaks, lots of accommodations, etc. Our local agency that provides him with a "behavior therapist" has just done another evaluation and said that he NO LONGER QUALIFIES for these services!! What, are you kidding me?

This kid STIMMS morning, noon and night. All day in school, all day at home. Barely ever leaves our house to go outside and play with other kids. He occastionally goes outside, where he proceeds to stim and the other kids play around him.

so my question of course became "what about all his stimming?" They said that his occupational therapists should be the ones addressing that behavior. He gets an hour and a half of o/t per week. not even CLOSE to being enough to get him to stop this stimming behavior in public.

I"m not even sure why I care, as just about everything about this child irks me to my core, I guess I just don't wanna see him teased at school.....and I get tired of listening to and watching him do it all over my kitchen all the time!

Now what do I do?????

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Oh dear. My elder BS is ASD. Bad news is, OT will not stop the stimming. Good news is, stimming is stopping them being anxious. Don't let it irk u, it really unfortunately is doomed to remain with him for life so, let it wash over you.

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I would love to weigh in...

I need to know the answers to bookish's questions.

When you are talking about the local agency saying he no longer qualifies, is that in home therapy or in school?

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Sorry, I will weigh in now. Just got back from a movie, and was catching up with Houtx.... whew! That woman is amazing!!

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The federal government just cut $$ to all Human services, hence they are trying to save money wherever they can.

I agree with bookishworm, DH as a parent (assuming he has at least partial legal custody) has the RIGHT to appeal & have him tested at an independent facility which the school has to pay for. They can not discontinue services easily without his agreement. They can & do try to bully parents into getting their way.

Complain... Loudly, appeal, write the superintendent! I would bet, his services will be reinstated without the independent eval. Best of Luck.

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OK, wait, I'm confused....

I thought you the one who has a bio son who the school was trying to label him emotionally handicapped for sp. ed.??

Is this the same child, different child, or am I mixed up totally about posters' names?

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He can get OT at the hospital through your insurance. A good PT may be able to help also. Speech therapy for social skills. All should continue through summer. Stimming can be addressed through a replacement behavior such as flicking his fingers, which is a bit less noticeable. Is there a place in your area that hosts game nights? Does he like to yo yo or play chess or act?
I saw online that a diagnosis of autism allows for government funded healthcare as well as respite and individual attention from aides at home if needed. Check out the Son Rise program.
Extra ((hugs))
It's not easy being the SM of a child w disabilities.
As he gets older he may need fewer interventiOns because they keep him away from doing what the other kids do and has social have to weigh the benefits and the cost.
My SD 26 has one interest in life ....dogs. She doesn't interact w people...only dogs. But she won't leave her dog in the car and can't be without him for long so we can't go anywhere. If we bring hi
On a walk, there can't be any people around because she hates people and there can't be any dogs because she is afraid he will attack another dog. DH spoils this dog so much that the dog can't stand to have another dog near him and has shOwn aggression on occasion. The end result being I am stuck inside w an overdose of dog and dog hair and it never ends. I used to love dogs too...