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Heeeeeere's BM, out from her HEROIN hole, for her bi-annual visit....SMH

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Yes, Skids' birthday was a week or so ago. BM's last visit was xmas, with her "i love you so much baby" to NADA until August 14!

My skid has autism and other disabilities, SSI certified disabled. So, he's clueless. I told him today to pack a bag that BM is coming to get him.....his response: "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"....SMH......

So, she texts DH early this week asks to have him. DH has to work on Sat, and in all honesty, I am stuck with this kid 24/7 and can't wait for a break. BUT at the same time, it irks every ounce of my being that she pays $0 in any kind of support, but gets to show up 2x a year with gifts and food (skids favorite things), and she retains her "MOTY" status.......

I told DH that, like I do with anything relating to skid: "your kid, your problem", you decide. He's decided to let skid go with her. I sometimes wonder in my heart if DH thinks that somehow she's going to clean the fuck up and be a mother to that kid.....?? Cuz otherwise, why would he send the kid with her 2x a year and let her look like golden vagina mother? I just don't get it.......

PS. Last time he went to BM's in december, (and all other previous biannual visits back to 2009), he comes home COVERED in bug bites...COVERED!

I'm taking my 2 bios out to do AIRSOFT GUN shooting at a cool place that opened up near us, rent equipment and all the pads and stuff, and have a little war, mommy too!

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WTF we have the same freaking BM down to the last detail :jawdrop:. Did she have another kid that she abandoned out there that I didn't know of. The exception here being that DH wouldn't let BM1 have SS alone especially overnight because she would probably get high and forget he was there. The last time he was alone with her she lost her own freaking kid and MIL found him wandering down the sidewalk 4 blocks away.

SHM yes people there are tried and true deadbeat mom's out there too.

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newbiestepmom25, it would NOT surprise my skid's BM's credit, at least after she crotch dropped this one, she was smart enough to NEVER get knocked up (well, maybe I should re-phrase) never DELIVER another baby from that nasty womb of hers! At least she knows her DRUGS are her priority!

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Honestly, I wish for a BM like this... I would love for mine to fuck up and go away. Life would be so much easier with a BM that realized her uselessness and inability to parent.

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Dumbass is heading down that path right now. it's sad and heartbreaking. yes i wish she'd go away- but, for all the wrongs, she's still their mom and i dont want them to feel that pain of "losing" her...

rock and a hard place.

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Omg why didn't u tell me!!!! Yay for a weekend with your boys alone!!! Have a blast!!

Praying she actually shows up this time!! Xoxo

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BM in my case has 5 kids by four different fathers. Two of the fathers and her parents have custody of 4 of "her kid" and she has the youngest one with her. She used to love to talk about their bothers and sisters constantly. Kids she never sees herself and kids that never see each other. It used to bug the shit out of me. Then she would want to lecture my husband on sibling relationships. Barf.

We had bi-decade visitation. Longest time between contact was 7 years.