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Toxic Troll has been working!!!!

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Now, Im not especially good with big changes, and each time something changes with Toxic Troll BM, I totally go into a tailspin with all the possible ramifications...

So, yes I know Im supposed to be disengaged..and I am...but this is NEWS to us.

Apparently, while DH and SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin were on the way to the apartment for visitation dropoff, the text came out that Toxic Troll has been working. She previously worked for the local school system as a "behavior specialist" with autistic children. Thats where she hit her head on the monkee bars 4 years ago, and how she is getting $$$ from school system since she quit over 2 years ago.

Shes been working "one-on-one" (under the table?) and is about 200-300 miles south of us "for training". Feral Forger SD22 has been taking care of the dog, and I guess will take care of SD15. PArt of me was "well, no mother, no drop off", but the other part was like "meh, thats not my circus anymore". 

A few thoughts:

1. So August is when the 3 year review for child support comes up. I have had this feeling that she will go to court and file for full custody. And move somewhere else where the job takes her.

2. SD15 will be asked "to choose". DH and I have discussed that he doesnt have to spend $$$$ on lawyers. Shes old enough to know whats up. He knows enough to speak up for himself in court. We have a nice home, Sd15 has her own room. She has school friends, a life here. TT has been known to lie and make accusations, however, so who knows if a judge would believe her or not.

3. If WE got the full custody, yikes. SD15 backstabber full time.

4. If TT is working legit, then she will file taxes and we do not claim kiddo. If legit then the child support shouldnt go up...because no change. If not legit, then maybe more child support because she doesnt have verifiable income.

5. What would sd15 choose? It would be kind of nice not to have backstabber reporting on me...

All these thoughts. I guess I will have to wait for SD15's newest report on the job sitch.


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That sounnds frustrating to have so many unknowns.

I hate how step life seems to upend life frequently and you think you have everything all settled and sorted then something happens and boom, it's all change again. 

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Not my circus, not my monkee, but I will still "monkee mind".

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I never in a million years would have though we would end up with custody of Spawn. Heck Meth Mouth and Second husband had bought a house and moved cross country...I figured meh we might see Spawn again when she was a teenager....oh how wrong I was. She wasn't even gone two weeks when everything went sideways and Meth Mouth and Spawn were back in town. Not even two months later we had gotten custody. Oh what a sh*t show! I really hope for your sake TT just keeps to the status only have three more years!

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2 years and 10 months...:D

Yeah. From reading here, Im fully knowledgable about the possibility (yours and others stories).

Although I cannot imagine MOTY would do that. Oh and add to my list of concerns/thoughts:d

5. Feral Forger SD22. Would I be forced to live with her again? Would she go with? She apparently has a "boyfriend" that has been giving her $$$ and I doubt she would leave...

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Well FF is 22 so no she shouldn't live with you at all, even if TT moves.  

As for B/M - well I'd make it clear to DH that it would be just until she is 18 - and then she either goes away to college or moves out to do...whatever.

I can't believe TT worked with austistic kids!?!?!  That's even scarier than the custody situation IMO...

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according to her.

yeah, dangerous ones too. so shes gotten punched in the face a few times...(insert wicked snorting here)

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I doubt TT has the stability to complete any kind of trainIng successfully, much less navigate a move.  On the other hand, the economy is so starved for labor, she might sneak by.  I dont see any downside other than the possibility of higher CS for 2+ years.  I personally think in this case, Munchkin would be better off with you altho I know you have reservations.

I'd try to surf the wave here, there's nothing you can do, what will be will be.

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yes. just have to ride the wave....and try not to drown.

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So B/M's can just decide when they want to work and when they don't? And when they don't feel like working DH has to give them more of his money?

Man where do I sign up for this chit

I try not to ask DH anything about his CS and alimony payments anymore lol because I may have an annurism. At one point he was giving BM the equivalent of my Admin Assistant's annual salary every year. I do know that he's got one CS payment down and one to go, and 53 days and counting until his last alimony payment !!!  Woohoo

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Funny story(ies) about Spousal Support:

Story 1: Dh kicked her out when he found her online "boyfriends" and her communications with them. Moved her out. She kept stealing keys and getting in the house. Until we started a relationship. In the divorce docs, supposedly THEIR relationship stopped the exact month OURS started, even though he was technically separated 1.5 years before that. Just so she could take on extra time for Spousal Support. Prob an extra 6 months or so...

Story 2: A few years ago, in March when she needed work done on her car, DH told her that it wasnt making me happy that he had to work on her car, she called him P-whipped and threatened to up her Spousal Support, as well as Child support so she could "pay for car maintenance", if he wasnt going to do it.

Funny part is that spousal support ended the month after this threat was made. I even had a doc for her to sign.

Whoo hoo! Almost there! We have 2 years and 10 months.

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She will make sure that BSM will go with her.   Make sure DH knows that BSM can't live with you 100% of the time. 

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I am sorry.

I understand where you are. Hard not to think about it.

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It's horrible that the decisions and actions made by others (very toxic and stupid ones lol) have such a big impact in your life 

hang in there..."2 years and 10 months to go" that's your mantra lol