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SD 6 is peeing herself during day camp 3-4 times a week and cant stand/sit still!

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During the weeks BM has SD, SD is wetting herself at day camp! SD does not do this during our weeks. DH has told her that is she doesn't go to the bathroom when she knows she needs to go and ends up peeing herself, she will sit out all activities!

BM text yesterday (after she picked up SD from camp) that the camp director stated if SD pees herself again, she is no longer allowed to attend camp, there is also the issue of SD not standing still in line or sitting still at lunch.

I personally feel there is something very wrong with SD perhaps ADHD ..but DH isn't listening to me.

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Surprise... SD comes to us today and no "accidents"... very odd all last week with BM it was every day "accidents"... but today, nothing?

SD mentions that she doesn’t want to sit out at school or have to go to day camp other than where her brother goes, so is this the light at the end of the tunnel or does SD know she won’t be babied at our house?

Only time will tell...