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Paying support while son at camp ????

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I need some help,
I am going to domestics on Thursday of this week.
I have been paying child support for my two kids for the last 6 years. My Daughter just turnes 18 so I am going back to DR to get it reduced for just one child.
My question is...for the last 12 months my boy has been put at a full-time boy behavior camp. he was sent there by the courts because of behavior problems, Drugs, stealing etc.
I was told by the camp director last week, that my ex-wife has been paying for the camp, however she has been getting re-imburesed by the school district, because they did not know what to do with my anyway. So Whay am I paying money to my son's mother, if the money is not actually going to his benefit...housing, food, clothing etc....
Do I have something to present to domestic's on thursday...or I am crazy ?

Please help !


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I would think that you had a complaint..... I can understand if you were to both pay for the camp but she shouldnt be getting monies from you! Cant hurt to bring it up!

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I dont think it is a summer camp like you are thinking I think it is a boys camp, like a boot camp for troubled youth that the state kind of incarcerated him at..... that is what I got out of it anyway!

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I've been on both sides with DH. DH used to have to pay child suppport, now he receives it. I think you should take paperwork to child support and show them whats going on and show them that BM is reimbursed and that your son is not living with her full time. Its worth a shot, but in all honesty, you will probably still have to pay.

Also, is this a boarding type facility or does he go home at night? If he goes home at night, you don't have a shot.

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It is understood that there are expenses that still need to be paid even if the child is at camp, such as lease on a house for when he returns, health insurance premiums and other similar expenses. On the other hand 12 months is a long time, I think you should speak with a lawyer and see if CS modification is applicable to you.