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Hello everyone,

I am guessing that I shouldn't be chatting on here anymore. I don't have a SO or two SS's anymore.
I told her when I woke today that I wanted to see her and talk and she said she would be over in a jiffy. Upon walking in to my room she tossed me her key to my house and asked for hers back. I guess she thought I was just going to give them back with thousands of dollars worth of my things under her lock and key?? Ummmm, no. She informs me that if I don't give them back then she will call the police and they will get them back. OK, so it was time to move my stuff. I threw on a shirt and shoes and started moving things. An hour and a half later I was moved and we had a bit of a chat at the kitchen table and she kissed me and we said goodbye. She said she had to think about things.

Later on my buddy at work reminded me to bring him a jigsaw and I didn't see it among the returned things. I really just wished to leave well enough alone and let her be alone. But I HAD to get this saw. I knocked (that felt weird). She couldn't find it so I had to get it. That led to me carrying home a saw, a golf club, a shovel, and a disputed power cord which I KNOW came up with the electric weed whacker. I asked her if she just wanted to part ways and be done and she said yes. I am a bit hurt and sensitive right now, but I told her that I didn't want to give up, I missed my family, and that it was in her hands to decide.

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What is so weird about that. That is whom you are and that is how I present a situation to YOU, from an outsiders perspective. I do this to be real and fair, perhaps you should see that as a cue. I didn't see my posts being double posted until I gained further experience with the site. You should ask yourself, are you here to help or are you here to slam others to make yourself feel better. I rarely get positive feedback from you. Change, or go away.

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I am not looking to stir a pot, but I come here for help and get criticism because I am a newb and just learning. SO WHAT if I speak in the third person, it helps me see things from an outsiders view and also to convey that message to people that truly wish to HELP!!

Kevin The Man

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I'm very sorry to hear about this latest turn of events. But, if you can, try to step back and get a good look at this situation. This woman just did you a FAVOR!!! I wasn't sure if you would have the strength to get out of that relationship on your own and you still seem like you would slide right back if you could. Right back into it... of course all the while feeling used, misused, abused and NOT enthused!! (sorry - couldn't help myself).

Anyway, just take some time to yourself and give yourself time to heal.

Not only was this woman asking for her key back, while you had "thousands of dollars" of stuff in her house, but she also wasn't the most compassionate person about the break up.

Thank her! Write her a thank you note and get on with your life. And then, keep this site in your computer bookmarks. You will find another woman, and I'm guessing that at our age, she'll have children. So we may see you again soon!

STAY STRONG. You DON'T need her!!

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Still chasing something that you will not have. Give it a break and move on!!
How many times do I ahve to say it?? "She doesn't want you!"


"And this too shall pass..."

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I didn't notice the date on this post until you just pointed it out Crystal... WOW.... June? Looks like Kevin and SO have been having problems for quite some time.... I can't help but wonder how all that is going....

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Duh.. I didn't notice the date either! Thanks Crystal.

"And this too shall pass..."