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Kevin The Man has a challenge to you all !!!!

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OK, so my SO and I have a little challenge with each other as to which is right. The winner will get one hour of labor as the others slave, read into that anything you wish.

Kevin The Man says that rinsing dishes, and I don't mean caked on potatoes, but french fry grease is easily handled by our modern day dish washer and does NOT need to be rinsed as it will all come out in the wash and rinsing is a waste of water. Mind you, this is not half a pork chop and some left over beans, but Coke residue in a glass.

SO says that EVERYTHING needs to be rinsed and that it must so that it all comes out squeaky clean at the end of the cycle.

Ready? Fight!

Kevin The Man

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you have to nearly wash them completely before putting them in. Grease, dried on coke in the bottom of a glass, will still be there, if not coating many other things by the time the piece of crap is done. So my "dishwasher" is really just a fancy and expensive sanitizer. Or rather was til the week after it was out of one year warranty and the handle broke and one of the plastic gadgets that holds the top shelf in broke off.

Technology is not what it used to be my friend.

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It's now a handy dishDRAINER, that frees up my countertops. The top shelf had to be rigged with wire to hold dishes.

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Why not just wash them and get it over with, DW's are a pain..You have to basically clean them b4 you put them in, by the time they get in you could have cleaned them dried them and put them away..Im soo not a fan of dishwashers..I agree with SO everything has to be rinsed b4 you put them in the dishwasher..

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things don't need to be rinsed off unless they're totally caked on. That's what the plumber guy who installed our dishwasher said when he installed it -- so there's a professional opinion for you!

Oh, and by the way -- your SO? Are you back together? If so, you NEED to update us on what happened. That's the unwritten rule of StepTalk!


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I'm feeling sorry for myself...I HATE washing dishes...

Ahhh well...WHEN I had a dishwasher I did NOT rinse simple things off.

Oh...I long for those days...sob*

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What kind and how much???

Of course, our plumbing leaves a lot to be desired and our well water itself is poor enough to leave a nasty slimy coating on the pipes. Therefore, I would still make sure gooey sticky greasy things of substance get rinsed in the disposal side of the sink. Would be nice not to worry about getting every last little thing off though.

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...the dishes before you wash the dishes? Otherwise, it'd be called a dishrinser.

My opinion - If you have to prewash, then you need a new dishwasher.

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That I rinse just about everything off/out of our dishes before loading them up in the dishwasher - it drives DH and my DD's nuts. My Mom was the same way - and her dishwasher lasted for over 10 years.

I don't put plastics, pots or pans in the dishwasher, I do them by hand. Oh - and large knives as well (they wreck/cut up the racks in the dw).

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told by one dishwasher repairman that the machine needs a little grease to operate and told me to rinse them off but it was okay to leave a little grease. He yelled at me for rinsing everything off.

The next repairman said to rinse EVERYTHING OFF especially tomato based products. He yelled at me for leaving grease on the plates.

I now rinse EVERYTHING off. Maybe it depends on your dishwasher. Some, I hear, have garbage disposal type thingys so you don't have to be so careful.

My advice to you----don't argue with your wife, do it how she wants you to do it. PERIOD. Do you want to be right or do you want to be loved?

When she wants something done a certain way in the garage, I will side with you!

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Biggrin Hilarious!


- You are not second best, you are not second class. Do not ever let anyone make you feel that way. (2Bloved)

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I'm a property manager I get on to my residents for not rinsing!

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I don't rinse off minor soil & put everything in it. Only the big stuff that won't fit gets hand washed. Otherwise, why own a dishwasher???
So far it works just fine!

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cause we don't rinse & let the dishwasher churn the little stuff up! Eeeew, three years of crud backed up in the drain pipe.

OK, on 2nd thought, maybe you should scrape & rinse first :?

Glad we're discussing this & getting different view points

***We're too blessed to be stressed!***

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Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
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Scrape plates and bowls off with a rubber spatula and then put straight into the washer. No need to rinse before. I never rinse glasses or coffee mugs. Will only rinse silverware if it has a big glob of mayo or something stuck to it. Otherwise, that's what a dishwasher is for.

Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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without rinsing. Isn't that the dishwasher's job? If the dishwasher can't do that job, fire it and get a new one! Now if you're talking burnt on, caked on that's a different story.

If it makes you feel better my DH thinks he has to rinse each piece first too.

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And I learned it from her. I always, always, always rinse the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. With soap. That's why I do NOT let DH do dishes.

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"To Thine Own Self Be True" William Shakesphere

so plates & dishes can sit in it for 5 days (when H isn't here, 1 day when he is, which ain't happening anymore).

So I rinse. My dishwasher is like 15 years old & runs like a champ! Must be doing something right!

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From za Wikipedia:

Comparing the efficiency of automatic dishwashers and hand-washing of dishes is difficult because hand-washing techniques vary drastically by individual. A 2004 peer-reviewed study concluded that the best automatic dishwashers available at the time, when fully loaded use less electricity, water, and detergent than the average European hand-washer.

The are very expressive with their hands and smell of cheese!! Haha J/K Mrs. Patel!!

Kevin The Man

Are you with me or against me??

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We rinse our dishes before the dishwasher. The dishwasher(s) still complain and beg for me to buy paper plates and cups. I say if I am going to do that, then why did I spend so much money on nice expensive dishes to never eat off of them? Besides, my dishwashers are 12 & 14 years old. I think I will get about another 4 to 6 years out of them before I have to breakdown and get a NEW dishwasher. LOL. It is really good to have the cheaper, inexpensive models because with the right incentive they get right in there and use the elbow grease for any grime and residue. We have the LOW-energy, not so efficient, but definitely dandy dishwasher. THey are not the fancy NEW models as they don't dry, but that's okay as it saves us lots of energy and water. Wink

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