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His Children another story

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His boys are another story, It didnt used to be that way. It got bad when I had Liam, the one that bonds us all. The boys used to love hanging out with me and their mom would get really pissed because they liked me. When I had Liam it all changed. She tells the boys that Kevin doesnt love them and he abandoned them which is not the truth at all. He gets his kids Weds through Sunday. We go to counseling every other week, and I have a great support system with my husband. We have just finally had to tell the oldest (he is 12) that if he doesnt want to have a good weekend over here thats his choice but it will not ruin it for everyone else. Kevins ex is a monster, she is a jealous hateful person. She wanted nothing to do with Kevin until I came into the picture which was 2 yrs after they divorced. Than I came in the picture and she saw that someone really truly wanted to love him. and than all of sudden she wanted to be around him. It was weird, she tried using the boys as pawns. We took 6 mths to introduce our kids to eachother, and didnt move in with eachother for a yr. We took our time. In the beginnning his ex would have him come over and "fix things" like the lawnmower, toilet, etc. When Kevin asked me to move in with him I told him on one condition. That going over and doing her honey to do list was not going to happen anymore. She cant have a rent a husband whenever she feels like it, she would invite him over for dinner and to go on family outings with her and the boys. If he wanted a life with me than that would not happen anymore. She did once have me come over and meet her during one of her kids birthdays and than proceeded to whip out the baby scrap books and show them to me, and show me all the family photos of when they were together. It was really weird and it was before I had Liam so it was her way of saying yeah Bitch you have him but we share two kids together so you have nothing on me. After that meeting she proceeded to call up Kevin and tell her I was needy and way too young and not good enough for him and even went as far as looking up my ex husband and his new wife at the time and trying to dig up dirt on me to give to Kevin. It was ridiculous, that immature shit lasted for almost a yr. Until my ex and his new wife borrowed money and never paid it back to her than that ended. It was the most annoying thing, everytime I needed to talk with my ex regarding things going on with my kids he would bring up things that Lisa was telling him that had to do with the family I was in now. For the longest time her and her sister would stalk my myspace page and if I said it on myspace she would believe it. I finally deleted my page and put everything on lockdown with FB. She has never even given me a chance. Mediation was brought into the courts when Kevin wanted a solid parenting plan because the one that was in place was too vague. All she could do is talk about me and tell them how much she didnt like me, when the mediators finally had to say, is she really that bad, her response was, I dont know I really dont know her...WTF. They said ok well than enough of that she is not the issue. The reason they had to go back to court was because the parenting plan before was very vague, so vague that when Kevin and I moved in with eachother she wouldnt let the boys come and visit. She admitted using the boys as pawns and saying it was the one thing she had left to get Kevin. When I got pregnant she was furious, and thats when the boys got distant. They started doing that whole do you love him more. I read tons of books, and and very supportive of them, but I just dont go out of my way anymore. Kevin has told them you dont have to love her, or even like her, but you will respect her in this household. Josh is very sweet and wants to be a part of this family but I think he feels guilty and I have seen him persuaded by Brandon to act certain ways. Ive heard it with my own ears. It will take time, but in the end I know that I did all that I can. The way they treat their dad is the most upsetting for me. They treat him worse than the dirt between my toes, their mom is the disney land parent, and is not dating and has no other things to do but do what the boys want to do, so they enjoy her house more