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I'm losing it today.

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I just verbally ripped off BF head. He called to tell me he has to meet with BM right now to get the van out from being towed on Friday. (The van is registered to him & the loan is in his name)
She was suppose to make the 'last payment' on the van LAST FEBRUARY as in 2005!) BF gave her the money twice to pay the damb thing off. As of last summer BM said she only owned 50 bucks. The other day she admitted it's $ 300. So just now I said to him, "Do yourself a favor and get the name of the bank and the account number so you can find out for sure what's going on". He relied, "Oh no, she said it's handled now." I got super pissy with him. What? she is suddenly going to tell the truth! This is HIS name, HIS business.

I am truly getting so fraustrated with this freaken lady and I use the word losely. Get a load of this one. This weekend was BF's birthday. I figured we would have the girls. Na, the BM rented a car to go visit her new BF and told the girls to find places to stay. The 16 y.o. told me, "Mommy wanted to make sure none of us were home alone because she doesn't want to get in trouble with CPS." Are you shitting me!!!!!

I hate the fact that alot of times BF doesn't stand his ground firmer. Why does he alway give her the benefit of the doubt and then tell me he dosn't trust her?

Part of me feels bad I just yelled at him.


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i have read your comments re: the van Jo, on top of everything else you have to deal with I am confused why BF is allowing this crap to continue? Don't feel bad about pointing out the obvious here he needs to deal with this van before the bills start arriving in his mailbox. Does he pay support on this van too?

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i think he needs to hear it - and your right i highly doubt she is all of the sudden honest now. he does need to find out about the van and once and for all get it taken care of.

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After I Split with My EX, we had both of Our vehicles in My Name, for different reasons, but When She was involved in a collision, I was the one that had to deal with everything, because The Tags and Insurance were in My name, even though Hers was titled to Her.

I had to go to the Impound, and get the release from the cop house, etc. If He doesn't deal with this, HIMELF, He Will be the one who gets SCREWED ROYALLY, with Storage, Towing, etc. fees. If it will help,Tell Him that He can contact Me, and I'll explain further...
NO MATTER WHAT HIS EX MAY SAY, HE HAS TO SIGN FOR THINGS, AND HE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR IT FINANCIALLY ! My Ex did cover the bills, but They came to My House, not Hers. I was lucky, in that She did take the Resposibility, since Legally She could have Hung Me Out To Dry on it...


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This is how I feel. He said it doesn't matter because she already screwed his credit up. He does know for a fact, that as of last year there was only 2 payments left for about 600. It just pisses me off. This stupid van is their last, well only financial tie. (Besides the kids). She is suppose to pay it off and he will sign the title over to her. I'ld like to know where all this money is coming from. BM paid for a rent a car this weekend, paid 300+ in fees for the van but can't afford to pay the damb thing off.???? Don't worry, it's not the new BF of hers. He is a recovering alcholic who lives in a 3/4 house.
The drama.