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We had an absolute great time on our 1 night get away!!! We acted like complete teenagers. I highly recommend to all of you, that if you have not done that in awahile. Start making plans. For 1 night BM didn't exsist. It was grand. We got home exshusted, popped in a movie and was in bed by 9:oo.

At 11:oo, my Daughter wakes me up to tell me BF's phone has been ringing off the hook. He's out cold, so I get up. My Daughter tells me BM called, then BM's Brother and finally the 16 y.o. WTF now ????????????

So I call SD, She said 'they' have been trying to get a hold of dad and he's igoring them. (HOW OLD ARE WE) I explain we simply went to bed early.

So I call BM's Brother. 1st. thing out of his mouth, " I guess you to are out of town and he is ignoring his calls."
I SNAPPED. "We went away for 1 night, 1 night, BIG DEAL, we came home and went to sleep early. What is going on?"

To make a long story short, BM's van got towed away for lack of insurance. The van is registarted to BF. The deal was that when she made the last payment on the van, he would sign the title over to her. Bm's brother tells me the last payment wasn't made yet. (Now I'm really losing it) "the last payment is due in Febuary, OF LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!". BF has given the 'last payment' to her twice. Last summer she said she made arrangments with the bank and only owes them 50 bucks.

The brother than starts complaining to me that now he has to run around so she can get a rent-a car because BM is suppose to leave this a.m to see her new BF. I reply, "I don't care about he plans with her BF, how is she getting to work on MOnday? I'm done with this conversation. I'm out. I thank him for talking with me and explain I will not wake BF for this, this is not an emergency with the kids. Done.!

This a.m. Bf calls Bm and asked her why the van is not paid off. She tells him she still owes $ 300 and it's at the bottom of her to do list. Are you fucking kidding me???
What the hell is on the top of the list, it sure isn't the behavior of the 14 y.o.



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sorry you cant get a break from bm- but I am glad you had such a good time while away- u deserved it- and then its back to reality!!=( like always huh?

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This kind of crap happens to us all the time. Every time we go somewhere BM somehow finds out and finds some "emergency" where she has to get in contact with us RIGHT NOW...then when she can't (which she knew she wouldn't be able to and that's the only reason this random emergency came up in the first place) she gripes for weeks about how we were unavailable, what if SS had died, blah blah blah.

I say go out and have a good time and don't worry about it. I'm glad you guys had fun. We should all do this a little more often I think!

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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We went out of town for the weekend, but didn't tell BM. She has our cell phone number, but if she would have known we were leaving she would have called for some reason. So, next time just don't let them know you are leaving town..... it is peaceful that way!

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and she can lie in it. If she didn't make the various payments (insurance, etc) and the van got is that your bf's problem? You did the right thing by hanging up (although you stayed on longer than I would have). This in no way has to do with your bf. If he has to be there to get the van out of the impound, then bm can wait and do it on his time schedule (if it were me, I'd probably turn the ringer off for a few days and let her sweat). Her fault, she waits for help and doesn't b**ch about it. I'm glad you had a great night away! Those are always wonderful, but few and far between!!

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and then she can "fly" around sans van and see to all of those important tasks she has to tend to Smile

One night - is that tooooo much to ask?

Sending sympathies.....


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I'm more concerned with the fact that the van is registered to BF... and now it's been towed. Won't that mean that BF is now responsible for the insurance?!?!? Is BM paying BF or a bank?

I'd be more concerned for the fact that BF's name is still attached to this vehicle, and if she were to get into an accident, he'd be liable for it, and if she doesn't have insurance, well that will fall on him too (as I'm sure this is the case now). That is just tooo much of a risk for me to take. Plus, I also see this as another avenue for BM to keep dragging his misery along by not paying it. Her form of controlling him. I just don't like the sound of this.

Wink StepMom

Man has the intelligence to change his life,
Sometimes, he just fails to use it...

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Sell the van. If it's technically BF's van, he could sell it.

When BM and BF got divorced it was in the papers that she was to keep the car and get it refinanced so that it was not in BF's name anymore. Well, she didn' until a few days ago she had been driving around in a car that technically belonged to my BF still. She was in contempt of court for not refinancing it and he could have sold it at any time with no legal repercussions. He was actually about to do so when we found out she had traded it in on another vehicle, though I would be interested to know how she did that with BF's name still on the title and loan.

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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Yes the van is registered to BF and the loan is in his name. BM claims there was a lapse in insurance but the cop's computer didn't show that. She can't use her broom because she didn't pay that off either. She is on the verge of losing her job because of taking to much time off. She loses her job, the CS goes up. Doesn't it?

Thanks, Jo

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as far as I know if BM loses her job it doesn't affect CS. I live in New York and the CS only goes up for Cost Of Living Increase. That comes aroung once every three years, and it is only based on what the paying parent makes not on what the custodial parent needs. When my ex wasn't working and I had needs for my kids, I was working but didn't make enough, I applied for and received food stamps and medicaid. When My ex began working he agreed to take over as much of the financial aspect as he could and still survive so I was cut from medicaid. I still had a need for food stamps but his support didn't go up for it.
Good Luck!

Lisa Dawn

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Thank you. I am also in New York. I will be calling the court house today to get information. BF had been over paying the CS. by 100 a week. It was entered in the divorce papers. Recently BF stopped paying the extra and BM is giving him receipts saying he is not giving the ordered amount. So I need to find out what we legally need to do. If BM thinks for one second she is going to get arrears, she done fell out of her tree!
Thanks, Jo

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You are absolutely right !!!

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why cant they let go!!! Im sorry your time was screwed up by BM... I have the same problem. we were talking about getting away too for just a nite.....screw the cell phones......maybe ILl leave them at home. Wasnt there a time without them and we some fricking how survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!