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How can I get through to BM when she uses no logic or common sense, she has gotten herself into a tizzy over a misunderstanding and is now causing myself and FDH a lot of stress, she is now demanding that FDH reduce his hours at work so he can have his BD6 more, he does work long hours and dosn't get set days off, there is no way that his boss will give him time off and if he did all the mothers and fathers would as well, we have her for 2 days a week, any other day he does not finish work until after she has gone to bed, when he does have a day off, we spend it with SD6, FDH has tried to explain in simple terms but she just dosn't get it, she also thinks that if she takes him to court over access, they will force him to leave his job, I do not think that in this economic mess we are in, any court would do that, especially as he has another child to support apart from his BM6, the thing is BM only has her BD twice week, the rest of the time SD6 lives with her grandmother. Im not sure if I will go bald or grey first lol.

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Thank you, I am currently trying not to let her get to me anymore, which is a work in progress, I just can't fathom how stupid she can be, she regularly asks me to watch sd, but bitches about me when all I do is help her, well I've decided not to do it anymore, maybe that will teach her not to bite the hand that feeds.

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No court will force a parent to visit a kid.

And no court will set visitation times without input from the parents.

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That is what I thought, fdh will be going to a solicitor to find out his rights, the thing is he would dearly love to see her more, but with his job it is not possible, bm thinks he just needs to ask his boss for some earlier finishes, his boss has said we will be sorry to loose you lol.

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We had a BM that did this sort of thing many years ago. The hidden agenda turned out to be that she wanted ME to do the childcare and I had a very strict policy of offering nothing when DH was not around. Could this attitude be behind this nutty demand?

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Well anyone with half a brain could work that one out, but not BM Im afraid, I think she still believes in fairies. Wink