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Another Weekend Fighting About SS15

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Yet another weekend where DH and I fought about SS15. Acutally more like him getting angry and anything I say about SS15. I will just sit down to talk to him and have a normal conversation, not yelling or anything, and he gets SO MAD and walks away...FUSTRATING!!!

Example: Like I've said before I like in small two bedroom townhouse, so SS15 has to share a bedroom with DS10, but doesn't like it (if he doesn't like it he can go back home where he has his own room at his mom's house). Anyway, DH lets SS get away with every, and since SS wouldn't sleep in room with DS10, DH was letting him sleep on a couch in our old, NOT finished basement. The basebment we were told when he moved in was not to be used as a bedroom because there was NO fire escape. I said this to DH and he said, just let him sleep there, give at least that. (I won't let him sleep in our living room because it's MY living room, I am NOT going to tip toe around a 15-year-old, the living room is my sanctuary) So anyway, he has been sleeping down there for about a week or so.

Saturday went to dinner with my girlfriend who is a counselor at a school and I was telling her about my situation and how SS15 is always getting his way and about the bedroom situation and sleeping in the basement etc. So my girlfriend says to me, "You know, from experience since I work at a school, if your SS15 was ever talking to his friends about sleeping on a couch in a basement and a teacher or school offical overheard, they are mandatory reporters and would have to report that to CPS."

I told DH this and he was got really pissed. I have no clue why???? It is ridiculous, I can't have a conversation with him about his son without him getting defensive. It is so fustrating. If his son is going to live with us that is one of the conditions...he needs to share room with DS10, otherwise I say don't let the door hit you in the ass when you go back to your mother's home with your own room.


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Far fetched? My friend is a licensed social worker for schools...she has this happen ALL the time, so it is actually a reality, and not so far fetched. It is not a safe place for a child to sleep, and I did discuss this with DH and I don't feel I over stepped my bounds at all. It is MY house, so I have a say where a child sleeps and if it is in an unsafe basement I have every right to step in. I also have a 10 year old to look out for and it wouldn't look good if CPS is investingating no matter what the situation.

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Yes, I hear you and it will NEVER stop either. I say save yourself and DS and get your own place while you are still young. My SD is 35 and we fight about her more now than when she was a teen, ugh. Step parenting is a living hell in my opinion. If I knew it would never end, I would have run for the hills long ago.

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I am a newly wed, I don't want to give up on our marriage like that. If it wasn't for the SS15 our marriage would be fine, never had problems until he decided to live here.

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His mom already caught him with pot last year at 15, I don't want it to come to that to catch him again because I don't want my 10-year-old influenced by him.

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No we rent the townhouse, so that is out of the question. We plan on moving out of state next summer, so we don't want to move or upgrade since we will have "big move" in less than a year now.