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What is your opinion on this?

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SD14 has always had a "phobia" of sleeping by herself. She either sleeps at a friends or w/her grandmother (who lives right next to us). She has refused to sleep in her own room at our house for as long as I have lived w/DH (6yrs)and I was told long before that.She was sleeping w/DH at age 9 sometimes until I explained the inappropriateness of that.
Then all of a sudden, out of the pure blue she starts sleeping in her room by herself. Night and and warning. One day she was terrified of being alone and the next she is sleeping in her own bed alone. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing that she finally isn't acting like a five year old in that aspect anyway but I can't help but wonder what happened.
I have never seen her have any interest in boys due to her maturity level but I can't help but think there is a reason for her suddenly not having a fear of sleeping alone and wanting privacy.
What do ya'll think?

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I agree it is strange... Even stranger that she was allowed to carry on like that her whole life!!! But hey, don't question, just be happy she is being normal!!

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Echo has said it just right. Her peers have questioned her foolishness and she grew up a little bit.

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Yes and now all peer pressure is being equated to bullying. Which is sad. Who is going to tell the kid that never showers that he/she stinks to high heavens?

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Perhaps one of her friends ratted her out to all her class mates and embarrassed the crap out of her. Anyway, now that she's slept alone and discovered the boogie man didn't get her hopefully she'll continue to do so. I doubt it had much to do about a boy (as I assume one isn't sneaking into her bedroom at night), unless when found out about her sleeping issues and made fun of her.

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I can't help but think there is a reason for her suddenly not having a fear of sleeping alone and wanting privacy.
Maybe just her age. And actually fightingcrazy may be right. She is discovering her body and wants privacy. Nothing abnormal.

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My first thought to this is that she is probably bringing her cell/ipad/gaming gadget into bed with her to text or play on after "lights out". That is exactly what happened with my SS. This kid dreamed up of every excuse in the book of why he couldn't go to bed (I.e. "I can't go to sleep, my hair hurts."). *Suddenly* he was shutting the door to his room and not complaining about it being too dark. At first we thought that he finally got over his somniphobia. Turns out he was sneaking in his PSP into bed with him and playing underneath the sheets.

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It's sex - question is does she have a partner yet?

But I wouldn't invade her phone privacy over it. There is little that can go on over the phone that can't go on at school face to face except the infamous sexting pictures. Hmmm better sit outside her door and watch for flashes. No pun intended.