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BM told SD "she had other plans" on Mother's day

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Most of you know my story of having a coddled, enabled, lazy SD (27) who has been living w/DH and me since we've been married. She's unfriendly, mean spirited, and petty and I tolerate her at this point.

My sister and I celebrated Mother's day by sleeping over at mom's and cooking a big dinner. DH had to work and when I talked to him on the phone I asked if SD (27) got together w/her mom (not that I really cared). He told me BM told her "she had other plans" and went on about those plans. So SD spent the entire day at home alone, watching tv. I'm sure she was looking pathetic. Mind you, this is BMs only child and they've had issues in the past.

SD could have gone w/MIL and other family members out to dinner, but they likely assumed she was going to do something w/BM and she would have been embarrassed to tell them the truth.

The reason I'm posting this is simple. I have no sympathy for SD and perhaps she'll start learning how to treat people. It's a bad feeling when your own mom treats you like a POS on the day that most BMs would love to spend time w/their children. Motto of this story . . . . when you treat people like shit with no regard for their feelings, expect the same in return! Karma will always prevail.

I'm really tempted to ask her "so did you have a nice Mother's Day"? Smile