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WTF...tell me what yall think

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My DH and I have been through a rough patch for the past few months. SD16 has been going through reclusive phases where she stays at home 24-7 and whenever daddy goes somewhere she goes no matter what. I really don't like to go anywhere with her. She is very annoying and clingy and it's embarrassing when she's locked to the side of my husband like a jealous gf. I just would rather stay at home alone. For 4 months my husband and I spent no time together and eventually you start to grow apart. I lashed out him one day when I asked if we could maybe have a night out just the 2 of us and he said "you know you have a SD that needs to be included in things." WTF she goes everywhere with you and she is with you 24-7 and we can't have a night out. I lost it and really let it all out which might have ended up being a good thing. I had a suspicion that SD16's behavior (staying home all the time) was a ploy to get all she could out of her father. It worked...she got a new tablet, computer, iphone, among numerous small things pretty much a daily basis racking up hundreds of dollars. After Christmas she started going away to friends and family again for the weekend.

Now DH wants to go out to dinner, texts me that he loves me on a daily basis, took me shopping to get me something nice for Christmas because He didn't get me anything for actual Christmas. He even put my photo on his Facebook which is very out of the ordinary. He never has done that.

Do you think this attitude is only because SD16 ditched his ass as soon as she got and he realizes it or maybe my rant made him think about things and maybe he's trying to do better by me?

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I do love him with all my heart. He is a great guy in everyway other than anything that concerns his daughter...unfortunately that is a biggy.