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Its just SO entertaining...

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BM's posts are more entertaining every day. Man... I used to only check on her FB page to confirm suspicions, but I can't help myself. She is so stupid. After yesterday's posts

"Does anyone have like $5 I can borrow, PLEASE"...

Late last night she goes back on and says "I need to move out of my house and get back on track. Does anyone have a room I can rent. I need this to happen ASAP"... ummmm you just told the world that you don't even have $5...pretty sure no one will want to RENT you a room...


She posts a picture of a parking ticket she just got. "This is #4, none of them are paid". Yeah... Stellar Roommate material right there!!!


I have to stop looking, but I am so bored at work this week. I need something to make me laugh.


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Yeah, all the fashion poses on Pinterest now have the pigeon toe thing going on. Does it come from the anime girls that are supposed to look innocent and stupid?

It's really annoying!

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Moving, she is going to have a shit fit when she finds out tomorrow that her dad called us and is taking SS for the weekend. I'm sure her posts will be even WORSE after that happens.

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That's exactly right. And I'm sure she is going to feel like an idiot when she finds out by watching me pull SS's bag out of our trunk and hand it over to her dad, as SS gets in his car to drive away.

When I talked to BM's stepmom the other day, she mentioned that they did get to spend an hour with him last weekend when BM had him (for 2 hours), but he was acting very quiet and not himself. I reminded her that he is going through a lot with his mom right now and he is not comfortable around her. I even told her that it was my opinion that he was mad at her. He's only 12 and doesn't know how to handle those things. We are trying to let him work through it as best he can, without being disrespectful to her. I encouraged them to spend time with him without BM there. It will make a huge difference. She thanked me for letting her know because she and BM's dad both took it personally and assumed BM had filled his head with bad things about them. I assured her that he loves them, and nothing BM says has seemed to assist in forming his opinions about people anymore. He is a smart kid.