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Well this should be entertaining...

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BM posted on her FB this morning that she is "Queen of the Courtroom"... I assume she is going to attempt to take us to court... again.

Then she sends DH and email asking him if she can see SS on her birthday (March 9), DH responded, you know the drill... if your dad wants to accommodate, we are fine with it.


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Nope. Big shocker.

In fact she disappeared until this morning. She wasn't even on FB, not text SS... nothing.

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Well, we all have to be queen of something. And queen of sex is already taken by me so she can have queen of crappiest mothering or queen of meth skanks.

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Odd - I think that the BM I have is also having that birthdate.

I am very fortunate. I have a "me-room", and definitely control much of the household. I try to be an "equity partner", but I am too pushy...with ideas and a strong desire to change everything.

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Knowing nothing about this woman, but hearing she posted that on social media, I am able to easily conclude.........

She is trash.

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i can see my brain stem, that is how far back my eyes have rolled into my head. how many times of this BS is it going to take? i mean really... any idiot can make sense of the words "do a,b,c, and you can get x,y,z." she has truly done not one single thing to comply.

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Wineis- LMAO, I did screenshot it. didn't think about showing it to the judge though. Wink