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CPS Visit Is Over

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Without going into too much detail, it seems like the case worker is of the opinion that BM is a typical divorced mother who starts shit with her kids once her ex decided to marry someone else. She sees that BM has mental health issues. She's sure that BM is angling for full custody so she can ask for support, since this whole issue with the abuse allegation started when she was fired from her job.

That being said, I'm still not super confident the allegation will be unfounded. I don't trust CPS. They never helped my BS when he really needed it, and I just don't trust CPS. Not that any abuse happened, obviously, but supposedly "SS" has "proof." She couldn't tell us what that "proof" was, but I'm sure he and BM thought of something really creative. They're both so ducking sick in the head. Truly. Both of them. They're quite a pair.

So, guess we'll probably be paying support soon, and it'll be a good chunk of money. I cringe at the thought of giving her a single penny to spend on Taco Bell and a new iPhone for herself, but DH is fine with paying support to keep them both out of our lives and keep CPS away. I guess he has a point. Pay for peace.

My mom...bless her heart. She's been so supportive of us since BM started her shit almost four years ago. She loves DH dearly. I talked to her after the visit this morning, and she said, "You know, of all five of my kids, you're the one who keeps getting all the shit, year after year after year. My own son is grown and I'm still dealing with crazy shit. It never ends. Ain't that the truth.


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I'm so sorry you're going through this. What kind of commentary is it on our lives as blended families when we have to "pay for peace"?! It's like being in Nazi occupied Europe during WWII! These Bm's get away with so much.

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Unfortunately, support here goes till 21, so it would be 5 1/2 years. But still... The price we must pay for peace.

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Peace is a financial bitch, but hey. Good ol' NYS, eh? In Chef's case it is 10 years next month, 5 years and the 18 year old, although moved out of the CP BM's house, has 3 more years. Unless the BM can slap them in community college just before they turn 21 and milk the CS wagon for another 2-4 years extra, which I fully anticipate.

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The dirty little secret is that CPS only goes after low hanging fruit. Usually middle/working class NCP biodads. Investigating REAL abuse is both dangerous and politically incorrect. I know because the BM in my case IS a CPS worker. She constantly left kids at home by themselves, they had pencil in ear jamming contests, she farms them off to whomever, she'd have unknown boyfriends during her internet dating phase watch the, at that time, toddler.

Yet she and her community perceive her as a GREAT MOTHER!! Whereas Chef hollered at his kids ONE TIME when they had tried his patience to the MAX and the BM called CPS the next Monday, ran it up the flagpole using her influence and falsely got it labeled "founded."

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Well, shit, when this investigation is over y'all are invited to the mattress burning party! We'll have a big bonfire and burn effigies of our BMs and skids. And of course there will be plenty of wine!

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Haven't seen it yet, but plan to. Love Michael Rooker! Of all the deaths on TWD, Merle's was one of the saddest for me. He was a racist asshole, but he was OUR racist asshole!

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It seemed like that would be the only visit, but who knows what "proof" the two psychos have cooked up? Guess we'll see. I'm sure it'll be months before it's wrapped up anyway.

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Around here, the CPS workers ARE ALL PASinating CP BMs. One of them went out with Chef's nephew and immediately said at the bar "Yeah I'm one of those women who take the children away from their fathers" Then proceeded to snicker and laugh about it.

They have NO interest in prosecuting REAL child abuse. It's MUCH easier and safer to simply be a tool of the psycho CP BM. Because most of them ARE psycho CP BMs in real life.

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If they would only levy charges against these somewhat transparent revenge allegations, maybe things would actually get ACCOMPLISHED. And true abuse cases would be the focus.