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CPS Win!

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I typed out the whole story, but it disappeared. Suffice it to say, BM lost control of what goes on at our house so she called CPS. An investigator came out yesterday and found her complaint unfounded. However, a question the investigator asked was "have you been a victim of abuse?" My DH said "well actually, the kids mom was both verbally any physically abusive while we were married. I have the pictures and report numbers".
Bwah ha ha! Now SHE is being investigated and she works at an elementary school.
Karma... Got to love her.


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I hope she does not have custody of the skids given her history! Good on DH for saving those reports and pictures. She sounds like a severely disturbed person and it's a shame she's not in jail.

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You're very lucky things went the way they did with CPS. Our first experience with them went very similar. However, I hope she doesn't whip out the sexual accusation next. They take that a little more seriously, whether it's founded at all or not. I have no respect for CPS. They are an agency who lets crazy BM's be crazy, and sometimes actually helps them in doig so.