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Baby shower invitation showed up today...

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And SD19 is only 5 months along. Shower in a few weeks, given MIL.


Fortunately, we now live out of state. I have an activity with my DD that weekend. DH is either coming with me or going to see NASCAR. Wink I think he'd have more fun there than at a cheer competition, but he's still on the fence.

I don't think I have it in me to travel to SD/MIL state right now. I don't like most of them, and I'm kinda sick of the head games MIL (and now FIL, too!!) has been playing in recent months.

I'm tempted to tell DH he should fly up there for shits and giggles, but I don't think he'd go without me.
This whole thing is kinda making me sick. They're all "so proud" of SD, who has stopped working now as it's too much work (haha) and has accomplished nothing in her life except getting knocked up and sucking on the government tit.

Sigh. I'm tired. And old. And very tired.


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I'd get her the ugliest diaper bag in the universe...and more maternity clothes that are HUGE...LMAO..i think if I received those things I'd be really pissed..LMAO...but hey you sent a gift and its the "thought" that counts! hahahaha

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I would send diapers and that is it....Something she has to have and won't return and definitely not money...But, if it was my PIA SD16, I would send nothing and leave it to DH to handle.