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MIL, MIL, MIL *face palm*

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MIL is here and I want to run and hide. This is the woman that gave me tanning lotion knowing I'm albino. She is so critical and thinks she knows it all. I am two seconds away from strangling her.

MIL: Why cloth diapers? SD15 was just fine with regular diapers.

Me: And DD will be just fine with cloth diapers

MIL: Snippy are we

Me: sigh


MIL: Hmmm porcelian dear let me show you how to cook that. It’s really simple.

Me: This is the way I like to cook it

MIL: Trust me DH likes it the way mom does it watch

Me: Sigh *face palm*


MIL: Porcelian dear breastfeeding is a private matter don't you think. You should shut the door next time. You don't want someone to walk by and see you indecent.

Me: Sigh. I'm not naked all you can see is( I was wearing a shirt with one breast exposed for DD to feed on) what is not covered by DD. If it bothers you feel free to close the nursery door. Thank you


MIL: DH do you mind talking to porcelian for me about.... whisper... whisper

Me: Yes MIL

MIL: Oh I was just talking to DH about your attire. You look a little well frumpy love.

Me: Uh ok. I'm going to go have a nap

MIL: perhaps we can go shopping later

ME: We'll see. I have DD and I have things to do today.

MIL: Ok well I will just take SD and we will pick you up a few things

ME: Ok thank you. Sigh


I need an excuse for the next few days to avoid her. She gives me migraines.


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Is her name Marie? LOL

All kidding aside - she sounds rude and I don't blame you for wanting to avoid her.

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My MIL just left after 4 days with us. She sucks the sunshine from my soul. DH just called to tell me she and FIL are at the airport and out of our hands. I may have cried a little.

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If you want to talk to her at all, standard answer "What makes you say that?" and let her keep going. It *could* happen that a moment will come where she looks around and realizes she's dug herself a very deep pit indeed.

If you don't want to talk with her, standard answer "Ummm hmmmm" and just keep doing whatever you want.

Screw her. (sorry, my own family issues got the better of me)

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I feel for you - I don't know how long I could put up with that mess. The day anyone tells me to stop breastfeeding in my own home will be an unpleasant day for them! I'm lucky though - my MIL is awesome and super laid-back.

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Yes, I have to agree with StarStuff - the day any other woman walks into MY home and starts telling me how to do shit would be the LAST time she bloody well did it.

Cloth nappies V disposables? WELL MIL, *I* chose to use cloth because they are better for the environment and I prefer them on DD's sensitive skin. Whatever BM chose to do was her business and nothing to do with me!

Breastfeeding? Seriously MIL? I am feeding my child, there is nothing dirty or indecent about such an innocent act and I am sorry that you find it so, but please remember you are in MY house and I am free to to whatever I please in it.

Her cooking V your cookind? Oh MIL, that is really sweet of you but I think OH actually likes it my way, he tells me EVERY time I make it how much he loves it like this, so thanks but I will cook it and you just go and be a guest and relax!

Looking frumpy? OH WOW. what a bitch. Turn it around on your DH!!! *really sad face on* Oh, Sad DH do YOU think I look frumpy? Wink Wink Dirol Like what's he gonna say "yeah mum's right?" Not likely Wink