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SD10 is a sneayk little B, who gets away with everything (and i hate my mil)

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Why oh why is dh so incapable of handing down consequences to SD. He doesn't have nearly this much trouble with the boys. I mentioned in Draco's blog last week that we told all the kids that they could go to ironman 3 IF they behaved in school all week, and anyone who got a bad behavior report would not be going. Bs4 had fantastic reports from his preschool teacher all week so dh took him Friday morning while the skids were in school. We weren't sure if BS was ready to sit through a whole movie so he took him early in case he didn't make it all the way through. He did great.

Dh left for work at 2 and I get the skids from daycare at six. We only get a weekly report on the skids so it was totally up in the air if they were going to earn the movie on Saturday. SS had a good week, and SD acted a fool all week. So Saturday morning SS and dh went to iron man3 and had a great one on one morning together.

SD/mil bullshit co tinued in comment.....


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On Friday morning g I slept in a bit and let dh get his kids up and ready for school. BS was staying home from preschool to go see ironman so I didn't feel the need to get up early to deal with the skids. I was laying in bed and the noise level got so bad that the baby woke up, so I got up. Dh was fuming at SD.

Back story: when dh set up the skids tablets at Christmas he activated the WiFi capabilities on sds tablet. He says he did that so thay when he can't get a hold of me he can text her tablet to get me. (Cough bull shot cough) but whatever. I guess to test that it was working he called step mil from her tablet. Told SD she wasn't allowed to call or text from her tablet and handed it over. I had no idea that her tablet had this capability.

Back to Friday morning. She had apparently been texting back and forth with stepmother in law all week on her tablet, and had made plans to be picked up this weekend. Did t mention anything to dh about this until that morning. I look at the tart and she has been texting mil at times that she's not even allowed to be using her tablet....after bedtime and before school. Dh of coarse did t even notice this fact until I pointed it out to him.

SD tried to play it off that grandma just texted her and she only wrote back and she told him as soon as it happened. I guess she didn't notice that each text has a time and date stamp to show that she had been texting grandma for days and chose not to say anything. And had in fact been solidly texting her that morning instead of getting dressed for school when her door was closed.

Step mil was telling her how she was going to pick her up and take her shopping for her birthday.... Mind you this is two weeks after they blew off bs4s birthday. So that pissed me off even more. I told dh that smil was no longer welcome at our home. He agreed.

Come Saturday he's completely over it. He's torn over leaving her behind for the movie, but thankfully stuck by his word and only took SS. He calls me on the way and asked about Free Comic Book Day....if this meant I was staying home with her for that too? I said it was his decision but he had been saying all this time that the movie and free comic day festivities were only for those who behaved. Of coarse when he gets home he decided to take her out so we all go. She has a grand ole time and is bought just as much as everyone else.

No mention ever from eh about her behavior issues at school or about her sneaking her texting with mil. Nothing.

Mil actually showed up at our house on Sunday and dh was pleasant as can be. Told mil she couldn't take SD because she got in trouble at school but next weekend she can get her if she behaves. Says nothing about the sneaky texting and making plans behind his back...or about the blatant favoritism of the skids over our bios.

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he activated the WiFi capabilities on sds tablet

I think a parent would set up wifi for a 10 year old is a terrible parent and is begging for trouble. Of course she is being sneaky about it. She is too young to have access to those capabilities.

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I completely agree...which is probably why he didn't tell me about it.

I just don't get why its groundhogs day with this kid every time.... No matter what she does she starts each day with a clean slate.