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I seriously don't know what's wrong with my MIL. My DH called her to give the happy news that we're expecting, and guess what her reaction was?

"Oh great, another grand-kid I won't get to see as often as I'd like to."


She lives in another state, and we can only afford to travel to see her once a year or so. And frankly, with an attitude like this I don't really enjoy going to see her anyway.



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Congratulations on your baby. I think the MIL was very insensitive and unkind, but maybe she is speaking from a place of hurt. She will probably adore your child. Enjoy this time, and pray for her to let go of her bitterness.

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Well, maybe you're lucky you MIL is somewhere she's not able to see another grandchild as often as she'd like.

Granted, poor response, but at least it was along the lines of her being disappointed she's not close enough to spend lots of time with her grandchild.

Better that response than, "well, you sure didn't waste any time getting yourself pregnant and your hand on my son's wallet indefinately. I guess your next sentence is you're quitting work!". Right in front of about 20 people sitting around. OMG!!

No, your MIL doesn't sound near as mean!! I've got to admit, though....the woman was kinda right about her DIL.

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My SO and I are trying, and I expect my MIL's reaction to be along the lines of "oh God, but you can barely afford the other two, and this one will be a bastard!"

MIL is wealthy, her other kids are wealthy (I mean multiple millions wealthy, all of them. SO and I make well into six figures but nowhere near what they have), and are very Catholic. Since both SO and I are divorced there's no way she'll be happy to hear we're expecting.

I am so sorry you have to deal with that level of crap too!!!

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queen-b....if she said anything about affording the children, I'd answer her back that you're trying to help populate the country with bright hardworking children. Since she brought money up, would she mind setting up a trust fund for the kids to help you raise them to be well educated and well traveled in preparing them to someday run for President of the U.S. just love and admire all the children your MIL had that you want to continue her legacy.

You go for it girl!!

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I agree she could be MUCH worse. I just don't get why some people think the world revolves around them.

I announced the pregnancy on Facebook yesterday and she left some passive aggressive comment about how she thought we weren't going to make it public yet. I deleted it.