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CS question

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My DH handles all the issues with CS. We keep our finances separate and each have our own checking account, but we file joint taxes.

If BM were to take us back to court would my income be figured in to his CS calculation? I know that everything differs by state, but what is the norm there? I just don't know.



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I think they typically do not include spouses income but I have seen it happen before. My brother in law lost his job and they attached to his wife's income to pay his child support while he was unemployed. Like I said, I don't think it is common, even if you file joint taxes. It may also depend on the state.

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In Florida they do not take into account the spouses income for CS.

If the BM or BD wants a change in child support, each person must submit their tax return. If you do not care that she may see your personal information such as income etc. Then it wouldn't be a problem.

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It does very by state and careers. In Ohio they won't take a spouses income unless one or both ownes a business/is self-employeed. Here the only attack spousal income if they feel income is being hidden with the spouse.