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Pregnant :-)

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I'm pregnant! Smile This will be my first biokid, and I'm super excited.

DH has told BM and SS5, and all has gone well. Lets hope they both adjust well.


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How exciting! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy this time. I'm glad things are going well with the extended fam and hope that continues for you! Congrats and good luck! Smile

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yes congrats because i am sure this is a very happy momment for u!!! but here come the dreadful questions.. How is ur relationship with ss n his mom? any bby momma dramma? reason I ask is because ofcourse finding out ur preggo especially for the first time is very exciting but when the dad is already a dad to someone elses kid reality soon hits.. and then suddenly things are not so pretty.. dnt get me wrong i dnt want u to feel bad im just saying that unfortunately for us gals that have kids with guys that already had kids its not as "nice".. well Im sorry i really dnt want to get u dwn, congrats and enjoy but most important b ready girl:)

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BM took it well, just saying “Congrats” – but she had to go to class so there wasn’t a huge discussion.

SS5 know’s he’s going to be a brother but clearly has no idea what that will mean until the time is here.

I’m lucky in that BM and I get along fairly well, mostly keeping to business (SS5 ate this for dinner, today was rough because of X, etc). We have SS every weekday evening and every other weekend so there shouldn’t be much trouble integrating him into the new family. We have him pretty much all the time he’s not in school.

I am nervous about the whole “SS will know you don’t love him the way you love biokid” issue, but I’m hoping the large age difference will help minimize that. After all, my interaction with a 6 year old and infant will be wildly different anyway (4 and 10? 10 and 16?).

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Also, DH's interactions are TOTALLY different with me than they were with BM, so it's kind of like he's doing this for the first time again.

Also, SS's birth was hugely stressful - he was 10 weeks early because she didn't take care of herself properly, and they both almost died. I'm hoping my pregnancy will be much less eventful Smile

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Yay! Exciting!! There are a few books that we read to SD6 and SS3 in preparation for my baby's arrival -- "Babies Don't Eat Pizza" (we really wanted to stress that babies do things like cry or pull hair but they don't mean to be annoying or hurtful!) and one that's for a big brother/big sister and talks about how important they are in that role. The kids always wanted to read them for their bedtime books and I think it helped them to understand.

Hope everything goes well for you. There WILL be an adjustment period, you can't avoid that...but it only lasts a few weeks. For my SS3, life really hasn't changed much. He just kind of ignores the baby (which made me sad for a little while but I realized he's just too young to really understrand how to interact with him yet...once baby is older he'll play) and SD6 is AWESOME with him. So hopefully your SS5 will be able/want to help out a lot!